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>15 days
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3x3 / 4x4 / 5x5 Thread

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Rate and rec.
games you like/games you've played
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Sakurai: don't expect a Season 2 for Smash Ultimate

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Other misc. info:

>He knows some are serious, but he doesn't think characters like Iron Man and Goku will happen. (p27)
>DLC could say shortening the life span of its franchise. For Smash those characters could join in next time. But Smash is also not a title to think about continuation so doing his best every time. (p27)
>He wants Smash to be more casual and see non-competitive tournaments. Smash is a party game. But he also knows he is not the one to plan those. (p31)
>Bayonetta was the first pick among realisable characters. Above her, there were old veterans like Snake and other characters that were already tried negotiating but got rejected. (p63)
>It's already had proven true that joining as a character in Smash has advertising effect. (p99)
>He thinks games should not be created based on researched data alone and saying games only born to imitate other games are misfortune. Those data should be used for marketings or managements, not to plan new games. Old data are old. (p133)
>Smash Ultimate's DLC wasn't a thing at the time around Famitsu column vol. 546 January 11th 2018, and it was planned without the developers will. (p165)
>DLC developments in general take time, so by the time of the release, the market will be much smaller than it used to be. DLC business is very risky than people might think. (p165)
>He is not fond of the idea of the season pass. Its a little scary to buy with
>HAL Laboratory, Inc. is still on the credits list, but not involved in the development anymore. (p188)
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Just played this for the first time since its a free weekend deal. What does /v/ think? I wish it had an actual shadow system whre you could hide in the dark
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Literally zero hype.

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What happened?
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I wanna go down the Touhou rabbit hole.
Whats the best game to start off with?
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Based Yuffie
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>enhances your gameplay
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Okay /v/. Recommend me some games with good physics
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Government regulating video games is a bad th-

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