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>Be me
>Never played a dmc
>get dmc5
>game is boring me to tears in the beginning
>almost give up due to boredom
>get to Dante
>game is now a literal masterpiece
Man are all the previous like this? What is the point in forcing you to play the boring characters? I’d gladly redo every stage over on higher difficulties if I were given the option of doing them all with Dante.
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>same sfx from the gensis game
>literal same movesets

...why the fuck would anybody pay for this?
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Sekiro Thread

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How do I beat her?
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How did Sony allow this?
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>he couldn't defeat the final boss and used cheats to finish the game

SEKIRO is a true casual filter
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Come play with me, Anon. It'll be fun!
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What is a better game? Which is more difficult?
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Shantae 5

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