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Celebrity cameos in vidya

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Ariana Grande in FFBE, Snoop Dogg in True Crime, Shaq, were fun additions. Which cameo was your favorite and who do you want to see next?
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RE 2>REmake>RE 3>RE:CV>RE 0>RE 4>RE:Outbreak 2>RE 7>Revelations>the rest
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Contra hard corps and Castlevania: Bloodlines
Are better than
Contra 3 and Castlevenia 4.

Prove me wrong.
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Why is Selvaria the only popular character from her entire series?
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What's the video game equivalent of drinking beer?
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Thoughts on FATE games?
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itt: god-tier licensed games
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Why are you not playing League of Legends?
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Discless Xbox One In The Works At Microsoft

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I thought Xbox was dead, /v/?

>"Thurrott reports that Microsoft is currently working on a discless variant of the Xbox One, with the intention of making a cheaper version of the Xbox One console that can permanently bring the entry point into the ecosystem to below $200 (currently, the Xbox One S often drops in price to around that range, but the official price is still $300). Allegedly, a slimmer version of the Xbox One S is also in the works, one which will retain the disc drive, but will, again, be focused on cost culling."
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