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time for a comfy mega man x thread
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Why didnt he fucked Holly or Meryl?
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Why does Sakurai love counters so much? No, it's not because K.rool had no other moves to put there. He could've done that DKC2 move where he jets across the stage using his blunderbuss.
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RTS Support group

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this week's food for discussion: Name a successful console RTS, if none - recommend changes to make it viable
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Yakuza series appreciation?

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Personally? I love yakuza 0, like, love love, like, I really love love love love it, like, LOVE LOVE IT, like, L O V E it, kiwami too
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ITT: Subtle vidya clothing
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>boost game pre-orders
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It takes five minutes to hack your switch to accept every game ever released, with no risk of a brick or any danger to the console. What's your excuse?
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Indie games have cuter characters
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