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Why doesn't this board give microsoft fair credit?

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>most powerful console
>backwards compatibility
>I know this board hates it but got early access for pubg which was easily the biggest exclusive this gen (it's on ps4 now)
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Let's talk about Tales.
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Nohr does what Hoshidon't
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Why the FUCK did they have to make it so expensive?
Valkyira Chronicles thread
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So what are all you losers gonna be playing this weekend?
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what the fuck was Capcom thinking? Who would want this shit?
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The next 4 DLC

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When it comes to marketing for sure these four are the most likely characters now.
MK11, Digimon Survive, CTR and KH3

And it's worth mentioning the fact that three of these characters fit neatly with crossovers of the dreams of millions of people.
MK vs SF, Digi vs Poké and Crash vs Mario

This is something that Sakurai would do for sure.
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Yes, I too wish I could just skip hours of fun by just paying an extra $20.
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looks like they are going through with it
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