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>Go to
>Choose two (or more) video game songs to mix
>Post results
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Would you convince your other dimension you that is a girl to have sex with you?
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The holy trinity
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>feels what Pyra does
Imagine the sex with Mythra too.
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Sekiro Help Thread

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Ask and you shall receive.
>Hard mode: Try not to spoil unless it is absolutely necessary for the questions asked
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Give it to me straight /v/. I wait years for games to go cheap on sale, how bad are they gonna nerf its difficulty?
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>made by Mw1 and Mw2 devs.
>has the best of Call of duty’s gameplay
>adds ontop of that with advanced movements
>has a grappling hook for more advanced movement
>weapons are all mostly equally useful
>some weapons are really unique and borrowed from games Like quake and Tf2 with rocket launchers and grenade launchers
>really well made Mech gameplay with Titans
>titans look amazing and do a good job at immersion.
>makes the whole fight feel real with grunts and units thrown around the map that make every battle feel like as if it was something that happened in the lore.

Also :
>runs on source engine
>which in itself is just a heavily moded quake engine
>Titanfall 1/2 and apex are essentially Quake mods.
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Why don't you play fighting games /v/? not smart enough?
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korea time

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surprise korea time!

KSL season 3 online qualifiers are going on right now, casted by Artosis and your very own gay vampire Rapid. It's a full day of games, so the stream will go for 10+ hours, expect them to go full fucking retard near the end.
The games are mostly super amateur so they're usually garbage, but we've seen some decent meme games before. Stick around, we'll be here for a while
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