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Girl gamer

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lmao gamers on suicide watch xD
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/v/ will defend gacha
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ITT: Vidya Redflags

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>horror game relies on jumpscares
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SoulCalibur VI

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Dreamhack Top 8 on now!

Discuss mains!
Post (new) CaS!
Discuss this one guy's tier list!
Argue about DLC!
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*shoots up a gaming tourney and kills your fellow gamers*

seriously /v/, bringing a gun to a video game tournament is not how you resolve a conflict
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So how are you guys holding up? Do you really think it'll take 7 years for Toby to make the game?
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ITT:vidya girl that you want to impregnate

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Lets commemorate the death of my first 0.9 save with a nice Starsector thread
From humble prospector to budding interstellar empire with a fleet that can crush battlestations with ease it was one hell of a ride for 44 levels

How are you guys liking industry and colony management?
I know its still in early stages but from this run it feels really strong with very low downsides if you're smart about it and grab a nice class IV or V planet and invest early.
I was cashing out 600k a month by the time my save died in the middle of cycle 211 with big beefy star fortresses and fleets protecting my colonies so I never really needed to worry about ai faction interactions besides stability raiding which I could handle myself.
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>"anon you have to play Dragon Quest 11 it's so cool"
>"you're missing out if you don't play it"
>he doesn't know that I already have the best DQ game of them all
>go home
>boot up good old DQ1 on the NES
>think about my friend telling me I'm missing out
>I chuckle
>I'm not missing out at all, old friend
>I'm not missing out at all

Sometimes simple is best, folks. I played DQ1 in 1989 when I was 8 years old. You kids can have your DQ11. I hope you have fun. Meanwhile, this old man will have the time of his life exploring the kingdom of Alefgard.
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Smash Summit 7

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