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Why did they still make and release Dream Daddy after Ding Dong and Julian told them clearly and concisely why they felt it was wrong of them to do so?
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Are you guys ready for Diamond/pearl remakes on the Switch?
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This game is amazing. I'm so happy she's back after 13 long years
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Only high iq are allowed to post
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Wow, look at all these cool classes! How do I unlock them?

>Well, goyim, you simply need to reach rank 5 with 24 hours in between each rank.
>Then you get to fight a boss that drops one of three crafting blueprints, all of which are needed to unlock a specific class.
>After grinding resources you will need to wait dozens of hours for crafting to complete.
>Then, you can buy the real class recipe and use what you've made so far to unlock a single class.
>Should take about 3 days for that to finish.
>Or you could cough up your hard earned sheckles and get it right away...

8 hours in, should I just quit now?
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Blazblue: Cross tag battle

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Reminder that tomorrow we'll be introduced to at least 3 new characters, place your bets now.
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how did paladins manage to be the only overwatch clone to survive?
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What are some good filters for /v/?
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Cyberpunk games

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What are some games that have an aesthetic or atmosphere similar to Blade Runner 2049?
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