Current status Hidden site now up at http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/
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This is Sparta.
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There are literally no other GOTY contenders this year, choose wisely anons
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This is what Tim Schafer, the creator of Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and many other games thinks of you. Game Developer's Choice awards 2019
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Sekiro thread

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How's everyone enjoying the GOTY?
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Sekiro Help Thread

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Ask away.
>Hard mode: Can't say git gud
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Who will be the series next director since Itsuno will be busy with DD2?
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He's going to jail
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Would you play a WW2 game with anime aesthetics?
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classic bros, why do retailpals seethe so much over the fact that we're finally coming home? What kind of a person gets upset over other's fortune if it doesn't influence them at all?
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