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Is cyberpunk dead?

It feels like it's been forgotten by videogames.
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Reminder that he's still living the dream.
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What was wrong with this game, exactly?
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"Monster Hunter World isn't a real Monster Hunter"

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How accurate is it, /v/?
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Is it worth learning nip to play untranslated games if you have nothing better to do?
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In 2 Hours and 22 Minutes

Any hopes/Predictions?
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I played fallout 3, then 4, then new vegas, and holy shit, I can't go back. It just feels like the superior experience It actually has a world that makes sense with interesting characters to get invested in.

Anyone else have a similar experience?
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So, what's the general consensus on this game?
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What's their worst playthrough, /v/? Walking Dead Season 2 is the only one I started to genuinely dislike the longer it went on.
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