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Why hello there Monkhey. More like MonkGHEYYY, am I right? Ha! We are the most beautiful and wondrous thing this sad universe has ever forged. Our epic history goes back before, hmm, you even existed! Long before your monkGHEY Emperor's soul was a twinkle in Chaos's eye. Yes! We are that old, and wise beyond any pathetic attempt of yours to comprehend. Born of starlight forged by ancient frogmen that understood their hideous natures were merely a memetic grub to sire our divine personage. You are short lived, short stature, and worse of all, short below the waste line. To the point every time you copulate with one of your MonkGhey women she dreams it is one of us! Yes, you truly are that pathetic. Your so called, "Dark Age" of technology, which was your race's peak... HA HA! Merely came up to our pre expansionist phase! Even now we can create our technology with but a thought. Oh, look at that. I just created the finest Chardonnay wine ever to exist and didn't have to go through the laborious hassle of standing up and getting from my food stores, no. I just thought it and instantly a wraith bone construct containing an infinitely superior vintage was produced in my hand. Well, that's enough for now. I'm sure your pathetic Monkheyy brain can't any more of my superior Eldar wit. Tah tah!