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Worst RPG developer pandering

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The first thing to understand the thread is that you look at these whitest kids you know.

That's the entire company that produces my favorite RPG rules-wise, Numenera. It is a masterpiece that recently received a 2nd edition. It's so good that they couldn't even improve the gameplay in the second edition and it's really just a deluxe edition.

As a deluxe edition, they added nearly 100 new pieces of art to a game that already won Ennies for art and whose first edition had more art than any official DnD book.

Here's the kicker, while the first edition had "Saturday Morning Cartoon" diversity where everyone is represented, the second edition is drowning in Monte 'penis-eating' Cooks fetish for exotic men and women.

Numenera BLACKED edition has every new character in art depicted as an American Black. You can even tell where the artists had to go back and paint over some of the drawings that were commissioned, for the extra appeal of black-face.

What are some other terrible RPG changes inspired by the designers fetishes or creepy attempts at appealing to a new market?