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Can we talk about swords, /tg/? Specifically I want to know which of you dumb fuckers is responsible for the "swords are useless" meme that's so rampant on this board.

Swords are useless against period-equivalent Western armor? Sure, but so are most other non primary weapons like maces and warhammers, or even some primaries like bows and crossbows.

You fucks act like the only time people ever had to use weapons was on the battlefield when battles are an infinitesimal fraction of the time that makes up the Western medieval periods.

Sure, a sword isn't a pollaxe. So fucking what, you can't carry your pollaxe around town without looking like a retard. Swords are useful in both civilian and military contexts. Polearms are purely military. To put it in context, bringing a pollaxe while walking around town is the equivalent of being that one idiot who brings an AR-15 to the bar. Whereas if you just wore your sword you would have an aesthetic and useful tool for personal defense that isn't a pain in the ass to carry around.

Plus people only wore armor on the battlefield or on guard so 99% of combat situations you would end up in don't even have to consider the fact that most weapons are useless against armor. Why bring your six foot long oversized manopener when you can just wear a comfy sword that'll disable an unarmored fighter just as effectively?

tldr swords are the most fetishized weapon because they are legitimately the best for the majority of situations you'd need a weapon, warhammerfags can suck a chode, and polearmbros are alright but keep that shit on the battlefield where it belongs.