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Fluffy Angel Thread

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Let's have a reasonable discussion about the mechanics of angels. With words. Possibly supplemented by images. There were neat ideas last time, and I'm sure there are more.

Feel free to answer all or just some of these:
>What's your elevator pitch for your breed of angels?
>Where do they come from?
>What are they like physically?
>Do they serve any god(s)?
>How is their hierarchy structured?
>How much agency or free will do they have?
>What are they like emotionally?
>Do they require food, water, air, or anything else?
>What are their supernatural abilities?
>How often do they communicate with other races? How do they do so? What impact does it have on the other races?
>Do they conform to a gender binary? How does it (or the lack of it) affect them?
>No angels are truly perfect. What are some of their flaws?
>You find yourself simply standing before one, somehow. How would the both of you react to this?
>You ask one to have dinner with you. How might they react?
>You see a duel brewing between an angel and a member of another race of your choice. Generally speaking, who wins and by how much?
>On a scale of sandpaper to Samoyed, how fluffy are they?