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Hey /tg/ I need some help. I'm starting and running a new campaign with friends soon, and I'm looking for advice on why system to use, or just info about a couple of different systems.

Our game is in a hell-like high fantasy world, with memory being a weird core component of the game.
Because of the memory aspect I NEED a class system similar to the career system of WFRP. We've been running WFRP 2e for a while now, and there's a lot I like about it, however with this campaign being a little higher fantasy it's going to go to higher levels and I want a system that will work best with combat and loot for people who have delved into the deepest of dungeons but are still contending with monsters that are truly terrifying.
Can anybody help a homie out?
>tl;dr need a system with careers like WFRP but goes to higher levels

I'll post lore and monster pics I've saved for my game in the meantime