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Traveller campaign advice

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I am trying to plan out a traveller campaign and am wondering what sort of plots work well for a sci-fi setting.
I am more into fantasy so not especially familiar with sci-fi novels outside of Philip K Dick, Dune and the Foundation Trilogy but the more introspective plots of the former don't seem well suited to a RPG and the later two seem beyond the scope of Traveller.
So far I find myself mostly drawing on elements I have used in fantasy games and transplanting them into sci-fi settings such as
>Party get caught in the middle of a gang war and in debt to one of the gang leaders, need to do him a favor to get out of it.
>Party sent to retrieve the the occupants of a research station on the far side of a region of space plagued by reavers, when they reach the station they find it abandoned, the occupants all dead but there are no signs of violence.
>Party sent to track down a a group of escaped convicts and execute them all.

Was wondering how I might best go about designing adventures for traveller and making them engaging. The Subsector I have rolled up I am basing off of the bronze age collapse, with several large centers of trade, whose trade network is slowly falling apart as food shortages on the outer colonies cause them to revolt and begin raiding shipping lanes, causing a break down in the highly interconnected supply chains and leading to a slow collapse of civilization.

How does one make good Sci-fi plots for traveller?