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How would you Deal with the Child of Evil?

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Great evils conspired and created a child made of pure evil. The child was thrust into the world all alone and was meant to bring about an age of darkness. And for a while, it did. It let it's instincts take over and devastated lands for miles. Killing hundreds in her wake.

But after some time, when the dust had settled, and hundreds lay dead at her feet, she journeyed off into the wilderness. And she witnessed the beauty of nature. She eventually came to a town which took her in, and showed her kindness. And something truly unexpected happened. She didn't kill them. She felt, feelings she had never felt before in her life, love, and happiness.

The town was destroyed by a mass bandit raid and the Child was unable to stop it at the time. She wandered for miles until she came upon you. She told you of what she had seen, and heard. She says she feels ashamed for her past deeds, and ashamed that she was unable to stop the town from being destroyed.

She feels such great pain and loneliness without those townsfolk. And she begs you to kill her. Because she can't live in this world all alone anymore. She says she doesn't want to live for the purpose she was created. And would rather die than see that purpose fulfilled.

Your response?