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We need to End Bullying in tabletop

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I consider myself a pretty reasonable and decent person. But I can't FUCKING stand people who talk behind everyones back. The fucking bullies in tabletop. The fake nerds who use this game as their social call. I was into this game way before any of these fuckers walked in and started making this game their stomping ground. It's like fucking high school all over again. As if 4 years wasn't enough. Now that tabletop games and nerd hobbies have hit the mainstream, the popular kids have entered our sphere and I'm sick of them already.

And for all of you popular fucks, heres just a couple of tips for you to take home:

-Don't comment on my fucking acne. Don't tell me I need creams or makeup or whatever other horseshit, just because you personally don't like how my face looks.

-Don't don't make crass remarks about "getting laid" or about how I feel about the other female players at the table. I don't notice that kind of shit. The female players are just players like me, and I'm not interested in them, just like I'm not interested in you.

-Maybe at least wait till I'm not within earshot to start talking shit behind my back and talking about how I don't have a girlfriend and feigning concern for my social status.

You people are the problem, you're the cancer killing this game. Forcing it to become more casualized for the shitty fucking general audience. These people are bullies and they're fucking scum. All they think about is sex and getting drunk, and I don't like it when people talk about their fucking sexual escapades at the table. I don't like it when they talk about me and other people behind our backs, and I don't like the toxic environment they bring. Stick to your fucking clubs and go back to your fucking sports, or whatever the fuck you were interested in before. I don't fucking want you here! Get the fuck out, or shut up and stop talking about this shit that doesn't have anything to do with the game.