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>You have pointy ears? You can see in the dark
>You're short? You can see in the dark
>You're half-X? You bet your 1/18th Navajo heritage you can see in the dark
>You're a deep ocean dweller (Triton) or a literal bird of prey (Kenku/Aarakocra)? What makes you think your eyes are special?

Can we have a thread dedicated to this keyword that gets thrown out like candy to everyone and their grandmother seemingly at random? In my experience it always ends up with 4/5 party members skipping along carelessly through a dungeon while the 5th gets to feel useless and has to have their hand held like some kind of disabled kid going on a make-a-wish adventure. It also completely invalidates torches and light-based spells like Continual Flame and Dancing Lights. It's just an unfun experience for everyone unless the DM handwaves it away.

So how do you manage darkvision/light mechanics in your campaigns? Personally, I feel that darkvision should be treated as something much more valuable than it currently is, and as such I simply remove racial darkvision for the vast majority of races, save those that live exclusively underground/underwater like drow or are biologically predisposed to it like tabaxi. Anyone else who sees the sun at least once a month or so has regular vision and uses lights at night. Having a nightseer in my party is a very special thing reserved for 1-2 party members, allowing them to contribute in a way that the other party members cannot.

How do you manage this concept?