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GM advice thread

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ITT: we give simple advice that can help our fellow GM's
I'll start
>keep a list of names (male and female) on hand so no matter who the PC's meet, you have a name for that character, even if you just made them up and didnt plan for them
>have 2-3 "can happen anywhere" battles so if players go somewhere you didnt expect at all, and you have nothing planned, you still have some solid content to finish the session and make a new plan. Some example could be: a surprise orc raid, drow assassins sent by an enemy faction descend upon the heroes, or an earthquake opened a fissure and fire elementals are pouring out.
>dont ever make your story rely on the heroes fleeing or running. it doesn't matter how much you tell yourself "well they shouldve known better", a TPK because you railroaded them into running away is bad GMing