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Yugioh CYOA Setting Thread #2

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We are currently building a series' roster of characters using this yugioh cyoa. Here is the list of characters and roles. [x] marks an open spot.

Luca Stratos
>Main Girl
Isabella Bellamy
>Main Friend/Ally
John Dalliance
Edward Letrade
Ash Grayson
>Minor Villains
Chaser Chevall, Magnolia Macabre, [x]
>Secondary Friends/Allies
Kazu Dorakyura, Niel Dunn, [x]
>Contestants in the inevitable Tournament Arc
Yulian Viktorov, Eisen Cobb, Brock Brackmire, [x]

Previous thread: >>63267863

Sorry that I haven't added the new people here yet. I promise I'll get to it when work dies down. Congratulations for making it to a second thread!