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My PC got raped last night

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>Be me
>Go to regular D&D session in my friends dorm
>Sit in lawn chairs and game on a jury-rigged coffee-table
>It's ghetto but it works
>Our party is tracking down a bandit leader who's been kidnapping women
>Instead of tailing them to their cave, Mr.Fighter decides to try a medieval drive-by on their caravan
>I cast my shitty spells and this catches the bandits attention
>I get fucking LASSO'd, dragged along the dirt road taking massive damage
>The party fails to stop the caravan, with half of them falling of their horses
>I get taken back to the cave
>"You'll fetch a pretty penny...but first..."
>(Okay, I think. This will just be implied, the DM will transition the scene and I'll get rescued before it really happens.)
>*unbuckles belt, bandit lackey holds me down*
>(Annnyyyy time now. Fade to black!!!)
>My anxiety forces me to stare at my Coke can and mumble under my breath about how I struggle, kick and scream
>Mfw I know that every guy in that room was probably getting turned on by it while I'm embarrassed and upset