Humans as villains

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Humanity fuck yeah!= stories about humanity being cool and beating all the baddies because of some trait or quirk that makes us better, powerwanking our species basically. Based on the idea that humans were smart and dangerous enough to dominate their own planet so they must be similarly dangerous in fantasy/scifi settings and that this is actually a death world and all that.

Fuck humanity= attitude HFY stories were formed in reaction against, the typical depicting of humans as physically/mentally/culturally inferior to other species (lots of this in science fiction). Finding new ground in a new generation of 4channers who have grown tired of HFY people overwanking humanity to the point of being mary sues.

In the light of all this I've been interested in a new (well not really new but you know) genre of /tg/ storytelling I think is fun to call Humanity Fuck No! wherein humans behave similarly to HFY but we are definitely the villains and have evolved beyond our current conceptions of human-ness into something truly monstrous. Therians (pic related) are a good example of this, but what are some other good examples of this concept?