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Character Death

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In a 5e game I DM, I recently killed a character in an encounter. Mistakes were made by all of us - I made the encounter harder than I needed to, but each player made big mistakes that turned a potentially deadly encounter into a DEFINITELY deadly encounter for one player. I'm not out to remove any character from the group, so I ruled harshly on what would happen to the character's stuff, figuring the party would find a way to get the character up and going again in a few sessions and death in game should have at least a few big consequences. Problem is, now I can tell that player is thinking about leaving the group, and I'd very much like that not to happen.

Before this became clear to me, I'd already apologized for the difficulty of the encounter, promised we'd figure out a way to move forward with the dead pc, and said I'd reverse the harshness of how much stuff his character lost. I thought that'd patched things up, but apparently I was wrong, and the problem was deeper than I'd suspected.

So, should I argue to the guy that he should stay? Or is it a lost cause if a player has difficulty dealing with bad things happening to his character like this?

How have you handled bad feelings about character death in your playgroups?