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For Heresy Saga - Eldar (Warlock Eirella) X Human (Inquisitor Cadmus)

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So I've read the two parts of the For Heresy Saga which I admit is my guilty pleasure. It's basically the story of love and lust between an Ordos Xenos Inquisitor and an Eldar Warlock. It's quite well written smut and nicely paced. Altogether I believe it deserves more recognition than it currently gets.

Nevertheless I don't think the author plans to write a third part. Considering this what you think the third part would have included or the life story, in a fluffy manner, for Cadmus and Eirella's children.

For those interested here they are:

Part 1: Digging For Heresy:
(40k, Contains M Inquisitor x F Eldar Warlock, Earplay, Vaginal, Vanilla, Body exploration, oral, awkward conversation, kissing and hand holding)

Part 2: Sailing For Heresy
40k, MxF+F Human x Eldar+Eldar, Vanilla, Kissing, Fingering, Oral:Male/Female, Vaginal, Earplay, Deep penetration, threesome)