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Thematic Liches

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ITT we think of some cool overlords of the undead. Looking at folklore, mythology and classic literature I can think of 3 types besides the basic "powerful wizard/witch"

>The Forgotten Monarch
The emperor of an ancient civilization who managed to preserve his life through magic mummification. With legions of loyal undead or golems with the souls of those who used to serve him during his reign, magic consists of curses and maybe has to perform sacrifices in order to keep his powers
>The Count
A noble so feared by both his enemies and subjects not just by his sheer severity and cruelness but for a particular fondness to blood. Maybe he used to drink it or simply bath her entire body on tubs full of it, while young maidens started desappearing around the state, but either way IT has to feed this addiction in order to keep it's own strenght
>The Devil of the Sea
A man so wicked during life he managed to overthrow Satan himself and took claim of his own domain, the ocean, in death. Maybe he communed with pagan gods of the many distant lands he visited, now all those who die by sea are his slaves and he might even control the storms, waves, maelstroms and even colossal seabeast