Space Hulk - Deathwing : Enhanced Edition now live

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Downloading now, anyone else hypedfor it?

I've bought the original a couple days ago since it was at -60% on humble bundle, and so far I've had a blast with it.
I expected L2D/Vermintide in SPACE, but it feels way more like an Aliens vs Predators game or that old cinematic from Starcraft

>oozes loves for 40k from every pore
>main storyline is decent (currently on mission 4)
>special missions are very cool, varied objectives, various paths opening and closing each game due to rubble or barricades, and I haven't played the same twice so far
>gorgeous graphics and level design, with excellent enemy spawns and reinforcement lines. Every level has at least one memorable setpiece that will make you go "wow"
>great gameplay and balance, weapons have very different uses and feels yet none is garbage, even the basic stormbolter.
>great enemy diversity despite all being genestealers, with acid-spitters, various hybrids, invisibles ones, giant fuckers, exploding ones...

>some animations are a bit weak
>lack of banter between the NPC teammates
>annnoying half a second delay for melee attacks and special abilities
>co-op campaign lacks cinematics (should be fixed in the enhanced edition, but we'll see)

I've heard complaints about bad AI and awful optimization, but apart from long loading times I haven't encountered the latter. The devs have patched it quite a lot it seems; the AI in particular seems to have been tremendously improved since launch, they flank, dodge shoots, take cover, parry and counter in melee, send the small ones as cannon-fodder to protect the heavy hitters, and so on... They only climb on walls and ceiling to descend/climb, not to charge at you, but that aside encounters are excellent.

Any fa/tg/uy wanting to purge xenos together in co-op?