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Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes will introduce "Genderfluid Elves," make Drow Transphobic.

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> However, according to Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, some elves retain a blessing of Corellon. As part of this blessing, these elves can actually choose their gender whenever they finish a long rest. These elves can choose to be male, female, or "neither" based on their moods or feelings.


> So what does the concept of genderfluidity have to do with the drow, which have long been depicted as the "evil" subrace of elves? The drow come from an extremely matriarchal gendered society and have widely rejected Corellon as their god. A drow that can change their gender is seen as an affront to drow culture, not only because it's a direct blessing from Corellon, but also because they can choose whether to be part of the ruling female class.

> Drow with the ability to change gender usually have to take sanctuary in temples of Corellon because they're considered dangerous to other drow and are considered outcasts, or even killed.

I have to wonder if these fools even have read the damn rules of D&D. Unless someone can point out to me where Gary explicitly stated "No Gays" in the rules of D&D.