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>A Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms

>Malign Portents: Behind the Scenes


> Core rules

>General's Handbook 2017!C5BSgTDK!Sx74f87D86frlU0NZ1XKyGP0WEgar52X1Hatj1OA5y0

>Legions of Nagash!L44kEbRJ!VooTlhCe_WTmf5SFEds_wni8Z0EQDfBBsB1KBY_8ZW4

>Malign Portents!7x5hgZZL!l3KcjIUfNjDbEhjFeH31M9mRFfPf03yUFuN-jMU1JBg

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>Thread Question
What Original Donut Steel Faction do you wish was in AoS? What's their fluff and Tabletop strategy focused on?