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Character Art Thread

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requests from last thread :
>Please help: I need techno-wizards, cyber-mages, magiteck sorcerers, Post-apocalyptic Gadgeteers, Steampunk Sparks, Modern Artificers, Ect. Preferably female, and with a a gun
>I'm looking for robot/warforged heroes.
>Looking for Egyptian style two weapon fighting warrior, preferably with khopesh or any curved blade.
>There are still a lot of images left, so I'd like to request some surreal humanoids.
>Does anyone have some rugged-old men?
>If you guys wanna try hardmode, do you have any Duergar? Specifically, ones that aren't official art straight from one of the books? Preferably with a war pick, but I know that they're rare enough to not be picky.
>Let me see your summoners, /tg/!
>Anyone have art I could use for a spore druid? A guy in rotting robes, mushrooms growing out of it, surrounded by gases, etc