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>Be me
>playing game of 5e with my group.
>go into a castle to meet a super powerful vampire lord and negotiate a hostage rescue
>vampire lord is pretty unfriendly towards us but have some CHA mods so I think "fuck it".
>roll ability check
>DM ask me if I wanna make an argument in character to lessen the DC
>think that's kinda weird but nbd and decline
>roll nat 20
>group gets excited that we might be able to pull this out
>DM tells me that there's not critical success on skill checks
>we finish session and things get really tense but DM doesn't seem to give a fuck
>without any recourse we wipe.
>session ends and we never contact the DM again and I pickup as DM

Why the fuck are people so strict on the rules when it inhibits the groups fun? It's literally the DM's one job.

That DM thread I guess.