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Deadlands General Discussion thread

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Whether it's original, Reloaded, or the other spin-off, (Back off, I just woke up and never played that one, so the name is eluding me) feel free to discuss them here.

To start things off quite simply, I have two questions regarding OG Deadlands.

A: Anyone ever thought of making a cheat-sheet for the various monsters in DL that a Harrowed can 'Count Coup' from? 'Cause if not, I might do that. Just a blurb of Name and Power, because I'd be interested in that for a quick-reference.

B: As a guy who's played a mad scientist character twice, I'm having a bit of 'trouble' coming up with interesting or unique inventions for my current one; a chick working for the Men in Black (Dusters). So far, I've turned a Ballard '72 into 1800's M1 Garand (clip with 5 bullets instead of single shot) and I have an IDEA for putting pseudo-bayonet attachments onto all sorts of guns, a la the PS2 game Darkwatch. (Pistols have talon/hook shaped blades attached to the bottom of the grip, rifles have blade running underneath the stock so if something gets close enough that you have to cold-cock them with the rifle butt or grab the barrel and swing it like a baseball bat, they take a short-swords length of steel to the whatever.)

Question is: any better ideas for mad science, and is it worth it to have the extra sharp bits added onto existing guns in case of surprise melee?