Sentimental skeleton stories

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>Be me
>Organsless betarattle
>Never even received a bonejob
>Occasionally hang out with 3 others from the dungeon to play Houses & People
>Not really my friends but it's something
>One is this banshee bitch who is absolutely crazy
>Screaming negative shit all the time
>The other is this asshole zombie
>Always bragging about his organs and shit... fuck zombies
>Last one is a skeleton like me, he's pretty cool
>He has these sick purple gems in his eye sockets so i just call him Gems
>He's popular but really nice to me
>One day he calls me on my new IBone 6s (Flesh AF)
>It's his deathday next week, invites me to his party
>My time to spine
>Arrive at his places
>Party is on fire
>Hot demon bitches and bottles of bleach everywhere
>He even invited a fucking wizard (i know right)
>Staying Alive by Boo Gees is playing
>Get my moves on while scouting the area
>See scorched black qt skeleteen, must be new to the dungeon
>Dat pelvis
>Gems encourages me to talk to her but im too shy
>This jockb eholder named Thaddioxx floats in
>He's the biggest badass in the dungeon
>I heard he once tentacled six adventurers at the same time
>qt skeleteen immediately turns to Thaddioxx
>"Hes! You vapourised me last week, do you remember? My name is Jes--"
>"Nah i slay bitches like you all the time"
>Alpha AF
>Fuck him though that was a dick thing to say
>qt looks really bummed out
>Tells Gems she's going gome
>Gems convinces me to go after her (Thanks bro)
>Don't know what to say to her but whatever i got nothing to lose
>"Oh hi"
>"I head what Thaddioxx said to you, that was not cool"
>"Thanks... What's your name?"
>Don't remember my name, H&P buddies just call me "bro"
>"You can call me Bro, like i'm your brother!"
>Realise what i just said
>Want to unkill myself