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Warhammer storytime.

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So. I just wanted to tell the story of our ridiculous 40k campaign to somebody.

Not sure where to start so i guess i'll just give a rundown on how it happened.

So our GM likes big games. like. our group usually has around 20 or so people when he hosts. It's alright. it gets wierd but it's fun.

So this time. He called us over for a 40k game. not just any game. He had spent who knows how long mashing together the rules for tabletop, battlefleet gothic, and RPG together.

23 of us gathered here.

And through a series of horrible and awesome events.

We became 6 inquisitors

7 chapter masters

a commisar general, and lord commander of the imperium.

3 rogue traders.

a canoness of the adepta sororitas.

A grand judge of the adeptus arbites.

2 master adepts of the administratum,

a tech priest Magos,

and the master of the adeptus telepathica.
Our military forces consist of an imperial battlegroup with

2 billion guardsmen.

4 million skitarii

17000 space marines

900 deathwatch marines

1100 grey knights

1000 minotaurs

1000 red hunters.

for a total of 21000 elite and regular space marine forces.

23000 sisters of battle

an additional 4000 sister repentia

653 titans

46 ordinatii

328 cybernetica battle-automata

50 million krourk ogryn auxilia

1 million 500 thousand imperial and inquisitorial storm troopers

250 thousand krieg grenadiers

1 million cadian kasrkin

4200 ecclisiarchy crusaders.

749 imperial knights

140 assasins

and 100 thousand solar auxilia troops

and 800 Elitre units formed from a composite force of ryza skitarii and catachan jungle fighter companies dubbed the "plasma devil commandoes"

Backed by full armied and vehicular support.

Any of you guys care to hear the story of our politcal backstabbings? copious boots on the ground and excessive use of heavy artillery in the name of humanity?