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“Mama…” a small voice whispers in the dark. “Mama… Please wake up…”

But there’s no answer to be heard, only a heavy silence followed by the gentle sound of sobbing.

“C’mon Mama…” comes the voice again. “It’s almost time for breakfassst… M-Mama!”

An orb of light drifts into the room at your behest, its flickering glow sending shadows scurrying back to their corners. A tattered book case, a weathered footlocker, all is revealed in that unearthly glow. Next comes a rough straw mattress, one now stained with blood, a fair maiden lying atop it, pale as milk, and finally the small child who lies kneeled next to her tearfully nudging her shoulder.

“M-Mama…” she whispers, seemingly ignorant of the light or your footsteps as you enter. “M-Mama you promisssed… You promisssed it would be alright! Please Mama, pleassse don’t leave me alone!”

You are Lee: bard, lover, fighter, and more recently numbered among the walking dead. Awoken within the depths of this dungeon not twenty four hours ago, you’re new pseudo-start on life has been anything but uneventful. You fearlessly danced down a squad of clerics, saved the life of a mother and child, learned new spells and even remembered a little bit about what had lead to your demise in the first place. This, however, this might be your greatest challenge yet, as you gaze at a small child, a frail, trembling thing trying to rouse her despondent mother. What had happened? What had gone wrong? More importantly:

> What do you do now?