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Cities Personified: World-Building Thread

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So a few days ago I was talking to a friend about the settlement of Attawapiskat in Northern Ontario, which has declared an emergency because of literally hundreds of suicides, ten attempts in one day at one point. From that I had the following idea for a setting
> All people are slightly psychic
> individually, they can do nothing
> but when thousands, or even millions, are crammed together in cities their collective unconsciousness can
> Their urban legends create monsters
> and their negative emotions fuel
> However their collective will to live also creates a 'personification' of the city, which tries to keep it alive
> small towns have weak protectors which fight off one or two monsters
> While cities like New York or Tokyo have super-powerful protectors who fight off hundreds of foes
> if they die the city goes full Attawapiskat until a new personification is born
> the idea would be a campaign where several low-to-mid-ish level personifications must team up for some purpose
And that's all I got so far.
Please feel free to add to the lore or describe your own cities
Disclaimer 1: Attawapiskat is a native settlement, I've seen where these sorts of threads can go so /pol/acks please restrain yourselves
Disclaimer 2: I know this is not the most original idea (pic related) rest assured if I am ripping something off it is unintentional