Death Among the Stars Quest 41

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The storms had finally passed on Rukor leaving the Ructu to emerge from their burrows and repair their homes. They are not alone in their efforts, Necrotic ships becoming nearly a common sight as they ferry supplies and enslaved Ahkam troops to the surface. The ructu are wary at first but after explanations in their native tongue by floating Think Tanks the former oppressors begin their work at reparations. Buildings are reinforced, kelp tanks expanded underground and modified to allow the growth of native plants and edible animals. Walls to protect against the hurricanes waves are raised in the shallows of the villages and rivers.

Progress was well underway when a booming echo races across the water, natives and workers looking up in alarm at the shockwave that shook trees and rippled the waves. The explosive sound was followed by what could only be a bellow of a living being, massive in size that carries for miles and miles.

A dark shape rises from the horizon into the air and ructu fall to the ground, shouting in dismay as the shadow unfurls a multitude of arms that stretch and reach out across the sky. Former Ahkam soldiers, used to the massive serpents they once called gods, are awestruck as the entity rises further into the sky.

The Fury of the Wormstar, once the Beast of Rukor, has finally awakened and carries itself to the sky. Armored limbs twist and stretch, testing the new limbs as the multitudes of weapon mounts across his form swivel and test their range of motion. It flies across the sky, its shadow falling across numerous ructu villages leaving behind the shattered chrysalis that once housed it.

The New Necrotic Armada has gained one of its greatest weapons, the bioship ready to live up to its name and yearning for battle.

The Fury of the Wormstar has awakened.