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Animal Card Game

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Alright, hopefully making this thread earlier in the evening will get more traffic.

Making an animal-based cardgame. Not a TCG, a game that comes prepackaged in a box as a set. The cards will be in a pool available to both players like monopoly money. Maybe about 20 of each card, perhaps 1,000 in total?

Here's a quick rundown of what the stats might function like.

Simply health. Damage taken = (Strength of attacker - Endurance of receiver). Animal is sent to the discard pile if it dies. If an animal successfully defeats another, that defeated animals total Durability could be added to the attacker's health or something maybe?

Attacking power. Must be a higher number than opponent's Endurance or that animal cannot damage that animal.

How much gets subtracted from your opponent's attack damage.

Highest number goes first (tiebreakers then compare Agility, a tie in Agility, compare Intelligence).

I haven't thought of exactly what Agility might function like. I was thinking how easily an animal is hit, like the further apart an attacker's Speed is from opponent's Agility, would determine the likelihood of a successful hit. This stat could be dumped entirely, I was just playing around with ideas.

I think Intelligence could function towards support cards or weather / environment cards. Like if there was a "Drought" action card, "Kill all animals with an Intelligence less that 10" or something, smart animals could survive and adapt, I dunno.

Thoughts? More in next post.