Paladin of Death

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Okay guys. Here it is:

We have a very generic high fantasy setting with a lot of player world building. If you want it, you'll get it. Mostly. We have very decent players so it won't end up in erp or magical realms.
We have no pantheon of gods. If we need one we build it together. We have an underworld were souls of the dead go and the Reaper as the "guardian" or god of death. The very common picture of it. Black robe, bleak skull, scythe. To make it a little more interessting she's a very polite woman. The personification of death (duh) but also mercilessness, mortality and finality. She's not really decadent or gleeful. She just IS. A little of Pratchetts DEATH (THERE IS NO JUSTICE. THERE IS JUST ME.) and Marvels Death. It's also common for her to make deals with unnaturally dying mortals to sent them back. "Kill ten innocent people until the next full moon." "Build a shrine in my honour." She doesn't do that out of mercy. More out of... boredom idk. She doesn't interfere with the mortal realm directly, only through deals. But she realise that there is a natural order and she can't sent warlords and mass muderers back again and again to kill everyone.

Now the opinion part:
I thought of a paladin of her as my next character. An undead. We have no alignment restrictions for paladins as DnD and the char wouldn't be by no means "good" but by all means "lawful". In a way it would be a very martial heavy cleric with the death domain and little magic. The best way to describe it is he's a devoted paladin of Death.

Pic related.
Also I would also like to see more undead paladin or fighter character art.

So, is this an interesting char concept or is it just to edgy in your eyes?