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That GM thread

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Who's the worst DM you've ever had?

>Playing a 4e game.
>Have a lot of fun with my friends as we learn how to play tabletops for the first time
>Our foreverdm comes up with simplistic, but great stories for us. Plenty of bandits and evil wizards and mustache twirling villains
>After a few months of adventures, one of our players volunteers to take over DMing for a while
>Sort of a weird kid, but we decide to go with his because foreverdm is getting burnt out.
>Show up at his house. Smells weird, and we play sitting on the floor.
>Despite that, first session is actually pretty good
>Party starts out meeting with the king. Informs us of a cult he wants taken out. We negotiate our pay, make jokes, have a good time. We fight some goblins on the road to the village.
>Next session. We get to the village, and a farmer greets us and explains the situation. The cult has been kidnapping people to fulfill a prophecy. Gives us a lantern.
>Alright, nothing groundbreakingly original, but I'll take it.
>We set out for the caves the cult is hiding in, and on the way the DM tells us the prophecy and some "riddles", despite our characters not actually knowing these things.
>"Riddles" were something basic like "Flames of blue, demons near you." Basically when our torches turn blue, there's demons nearby.
>We enter the tunnels, kill the sentries. Our torches turn blue immediately.
>Our level 1 characters start to get nervous.
>Enter a larger chamber with cultists in it. They're trying to summon some homebrew demon god thing.