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Do you have that one player whose character concepts you just hate for no real explaniable reason
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/tg/ research

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Hey /tg/, I'm writing a paper on traditional gaming and I was wondering if you all would be willing to answer a few questions about why you play traditional games and how you engage in discussion with your groups, your FLGS, and the online communities you're a part of.

Any takers?
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>Computer, simulate approximately fifteen people on the ancient message board 4channel, subdivision /tg/
>Set topic to role playing games
>Disengage safety protocols
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/supers/ superhero thread

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Previous Thread >>64683365

Super Heroes. Character concepts. Game systems. It's all going on here.

Champions, M&M, Heroes Unlimited, whatever floats your boat. Talk about Legendary if you like, but keep it /tg/.

No discord link, I'm not invited or associated.

This thread exists for selfish reasons. I'm working on a Champions campaign and would like to bounce ideas around. Mostly I need has-beens and also-rans, C and D-List villains who are getting a power armor upgrade. Think throwaway Batman or Flash villains. I have a few but I don't want to clutter the OP with that.

>TQ: What have you shamelessly stolen to place in your games, and did your players notice?
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>OpenAI built a text generator so good, it’s considered too dangerous to release

I have this email feed that supplies me with interesting tech-related stories every morning that's a goldmine for cyberpunk ideas. Like this one. Just pretend that the AI is sapient and it's a standard CP2020 run.
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OC Dungeons

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Have you ever made your own dungeon, /tg/? I'd like to see it, even if it's shit.
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have you ever included a smug sorceress in your games?

how'd it go?
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What settings do you like that have a pretty atypical aesthetic?

Something outside of the typical cyberpunk, Medieval fantasy, Space opera triad that most fictions seem to take place in.
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Fantasy races east vs west

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How do contemporary western fantasy races differ in western and japanese media?
What's the difference between a japanese and western elf?
Are all female jap dorfs lolis?
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Demigod Games

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Friends, with Godbound, Exalted and Scion on the market, is it saturated? Can they be done better? Godbound seems like competent-if-boring redditshit, Exalted is bogged down with too many bad ideas (great curse and essence fever are shallow mechanical renderings of basic human behaviour etc.), Scion I don't know about - can it be done?
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