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Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/

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Any Warhammer 40k Writefaggotry

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DESU, I could not find any good stories in the tryhard or the self-serving or whatever. In here, I find you have an easier laugh, loss, or story. But there has been a lack of writefaggotry for WH I wish to not be there. I might put some down myself at some point, but first, what is the community interest for any hypothetical plots?
I for one, want the diary of a navigator trapped on an uncharted swamp planet.
Because it later has a totally original Kriegsman crashland and work with him to survive, convincing him to want to leave the planet while totally falling for him and wanting to stay on the swamp planet for purely personal reasons.

A?N?D? ?T?H?E?R?E?'?S? ?T?H?I?S? ?T?R?A?I?T?O?R? ?N?A?V?I?S? ?F?A?M?I?L?Y? ?A?R?C? ?C?R?A?P?
A?N?D? ?T?H?E? ?K?R?I?E?G? ?F?A?M?I?L?Y? ?
R?O?G?U?E? ?T?R?A?D?E?R? ?D?U?M?P?S?T?E?R? ?A?R?C? ?
A?N?D? ?A? ?D?I?S?A?P?P?O?I?N?T?I?N?G? ?P?A?I?N?T?I?N?G? ?O?F? ?T?H?E? ?M?A?I?N? ?C?H?A?R?A?C?T?E?R?S? ?A?T? ?T?H?E? ?E?N?D?
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JRPG Thread

The last one was successful, so let's keep going.

Discuss FFRPG, Sword World, Tokyo Nova, Nechronica, and other systems that emulate JRPGs or similar tropes.
Share advice, stories, and campaign ideas. Who knows? Maybe someone will actually run a game.

Thread question: What useless errand do you send the party on while their hometown is attacked?

Previous thread >>63424494
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>meanwhile on Demon Hunter /tg/
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>your party is doing so badly the kingdom starts hiring alternative sources of help
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You are tasked with creating a paramilitary organization to handle paranormal threats. Wendigos, skinwalkers, witches, time travelers, espers, aliens, satanic cults, and so on. The threats are highly varied, and your organization is off the official records and will have to rely on a steady but mild stream of income from several small business fronts that are laundering money to you. Your organization is technically publicly known, but thought of as a complete joke by most people. You will be reliant upon a mixture of ex-special forces and weirdos who want to join your organization, and any attempt by anyone to reveal the truth of your activities as more than a joke will result in liquidation.

So how do you go about organizing your task force to take on the numerous threats that might be lurking about?
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>Be me, leader of a city-state post-apocalypse.
>Be stuck in a cold war with neighboring city-state while fighting "rebels" on the fringes of the frontier and borders
>Everything was going well
>The rebels/terrorist were all but defeated and soon the leaders will be killed
>Decided to Colonize more land for living space and to deal with overcrowdedness.
>Living Conditions for the average person are slowly improving.
>then the chosen ones/adventures visited
>Well shit
>After about seventeen more sessions (Epilogues sessions not included.) everything is on the verge of collapsing
>GodDamn it
>Decide to abandon my humanitarian rule for more of a Draconian rule in order to preserve the last vestige of the old world.
>Besides my GM being that GM, it works.
>The Rival city-states are either in ruin or too weak to do anything about it
>the rebels are all wiped out, along with the Chosen one/adventures.
>Living Conditions for the average person are improving exponentially.
>mfw I don't give a shit if people outside call me a tyrant, My people are prospering and happy is all I care about.

The GM actively trying to fuck me over notwithstanding, it was a good game.

What about you, /tg/? play any games that against all odds you win in the end, despite thinking you were going to lose?
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Warlocks and their Patrons

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So who did your Warlock make a pact with /tg/
And why would?
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Looking for a new deck I could play in modern, I have a medium budget and am looking to sell off my Living End deck for something unique and all my own.

Was looking at decks and I saw Humans and Spirits are pretty good, especially Humans I know that they are very popular.

I love tribal and would love to build a tribal modern deck, I figure humans and spirits can get to that top tier because they are VERY common creature types that have been printed over a vast array of sets giving you lots to work with (Humans being probably the most common "tribe" in the game, therefore probably the best modern tribe deck)

So I thought, okay, what's a tribe that's been printed over multiple sets in multiple colors...


Lots of them have pic relateds mechanic and some are pretty aggressively costed, they have some pretty good lords and it's easy to give them menace or flying,

Can I do something with this? has it been done before with any kind of sucsess?

Mardu Vampires
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Classic Old school art thread

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Lets post good art from our favorite war-games and RPGS. Looking for more by Ian Miller myself
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