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Adeptus Mechanicus General

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BSoD Auto-sage Edition
>>63366596 Previous data repository

Adepts, how will you upgrade your maniples with the new efficiency software update? Also Fires of Cyraxus when, a forge and it's valuable tech is in danger.
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Cyberpunk thread

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There ain't one, so I'm making one.

Do you think parts of the 90's style could fit a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign?
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Thank you, Rudy.

Thank you for creating a cult of trading card scalpers. Thanks to you and your band of sheep causing the prices of trading cards to skyrocket roughly 500% accross the board, Keyforge has been a massive success, and our profits have skyrocketed, since regular middle class players who aren't looking to max out multiple credit cards are switching to our game. Thank you Rudy, for making Fantasy Flight Games the most successful it's ever been.
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20th century wargames- The past and future combining to somthing not quite as good as either edition

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Rangers of Shadow Deep pdf anyone?

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Can someone post a link to Ranger of Shadow Deep? Want to try before I consider 20 usd on a pdf... Thanks!
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So I'm starting a Cyberpunk 2020 game soon, session 0 is in a little under a week. Apparently the game is pretty dated and some tweaking is necessary in certain areas, any tips /tg/? Also post general cyberpunk art, could use some inspiration.

when the fuck is RED coming out?
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I have to run a game soon, what's a good idea for a FATE one shot. What should happen in the one shot
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What's the worst backstory you've ever encountered?
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Homebrew Thread

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What have you been working on recently?

Game Design discord if you wanna come and chat:
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