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BRP/d100/Glorantha thread

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>Also check "yellow pancakes" on 4plebs and the PDF share thread: >>67817078

Previous thread: >>65811515 (long gone)

Why aren't there any pictures of the Red Goddess without her tits hanging out? Does anyone actually play HeroQuest? How do you sell classless systems to 5e crusaders?
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Fantasy Architecture 2

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We all like cool fantasy art, right? Ferocious dragons and monsters battling heroes, magic users casting impressive spells, amazing landscapes and floating islands... And let's not forget the architecture, the amazing palaces, temples, and wizard towers. Just look at video games like the Legend of Zelda series, especially the newer games, and you'll see what I mean.

But what about making sure that the structures are actually architecturally sound? Like, you wouldn't want to have a castle that couldn't support its fancy towers, or one that couldn't fit half as many soldiers as you said staffed it, right? So, do you use any kinds of programs to plan things out and make sure that they're stable? What about sources and guides to make sure that they can both stand up and fit everyone who should be inside? Is anyone willing to share?

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What are your setting's equivalents to the seven wonders of the ancient world?
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Scifi, Science Fiction

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How do you name exoplanets?

I've seen that some exoplanets have gotten some proper names through various ways, and I've been wondering how I'd name planets for an interstellar human civilization.
Figured if there aren't any other names I'd try to match them up with the star, like if it the star is the last name of some astronomer, then maybe use his first name for the colonized planet around it.
Or draw from mythology, roman-hellenic names for our system, so maybe shinto for one, norse for another.
Not sure what the priority would be though, if there's just one habitable planet if it should use a different convention.
Considered using various "Earth" names for the colonized planet, and then different pantheons for the planets around it.
So we have Terra, then mars+jupiter etc.
But then maybe a colonized Gaia around Alpha Centauri, and then the other inhospitable planets are called Tyr, Odin, etc.
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Warhammer 40k General /40kg/

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How do I roleplay as a master mentalist who is an expert in human(oid) psychology?
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Might be a bit of a historical question but we're in a low magic medieval type game, and the party has the opportunity to become camp followers of an army (or, armed forces assembled for war by nobles). Basically sell/barter our skills to the troops and perform odd jobs for the army.

The particular appeal though for us, is to get to join in any pillaging. So in a situation like a defeat of a village or up to a city, in a medieval time period, how much pillaging might you expect on a "European" average at this time? Like what could you expect to see and what could be gotten away with? Like we're not expecing to massacre and raze settlements to the ground, but there's bound to be some looting and sacking.

And to our interests most of all, what would be the most valuable things to seek out when pillaging? Besides the obvious of gold and treasure, what could we get fat and rich off of pillaging that the army might not be able to get away with or might not think of? I guess if your group was dropped in after a siege, what would you target to loot while things run amok?
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>You've been invited to the Assassin Guild headquarters
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What is your Cyberpunk setting like tg?
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