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Making every monster race sympathetic noble savages is the surest sign of a bad DM. Realistically there is nothing bizarre about a different species having completely different, incompatible values and viewing things like mercy, love, or freedom as weakness.

In b4 someone disagrees but all of their villains are thinly-veiled racist boomer stereotypes.
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Where's your lizardman character, /tg/?
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How do we make Abaddon less of a joke character?
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Fuck the Gatewatch

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I fucking hate them so much I can’t stand it. They all suck.
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Critical Roll

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Today I get a group together for a game over discord, the moment I ask for what game we should all play they immediately say D&D. I say fine and they begin asking this and that about critical role, we haven't gone past character creation but I cant help but feel that session one will be another matt mercer effect story. so tell me about your experiences with the matt mercer effect
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Two Sisters of Battle, Lost To The Imperium

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The two Sisters of Battle laid next to each other on their beds, staring at the starry sky through the window. They had been separated from Imperial forces for around a year, during which time they lived off the land of the Aeldari maiden world they found themselves on. In their modest home, they rested and held hands on their cot. Jane, a beauty among her battle sisters who possessed dark and lengthy hair, nuzzled her lover’s youthful visage. Arya, who carried with her a blanket of white hair on her head, gave Jane kisses and pecks on her head. The day’s work was done and so they did what they loved, express their gratitude for having each other. “Jane?” Arya inquired, yawning with the night’s fatigue. “Yes, my little angel?” Jane responded, yawning as her lover did. “Do you think the Imperium will find us?” Arya asked, as she did every night before. Jane gave the only answer she knew. “I don’t know, baby. But I hope they never do.” She responded in a gentle tone, enough to lull an Astartes to sleep, and pulled her lover closer to her bosom. Arya smiled as her eyelids got heavier and her vision grew dark “I love you, honey.”
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/gengen/ - Genesys General

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Gunship Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results.

>The second official splatbook - Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk - is now available
>A new premade adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk is available

>Player-made Genesys settings

>A quick and dirty primer on how the dice in Genesys work

>Online Extras (fillable sheets, dice roller, quick reference sheets, generators, PDFs, etc.)

>Official Discord Server (unaffiliated with /gengen/)

>FFG Community Forums (check out the Master Resources post)

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One of these threads

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This is the next character you have to play for your next session

How fucked are you?
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Zombie Army Edition

Previously: >>65766933

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often explain strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else is putting in their Commander decks.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on Commander color identity.

>Official search site. Current for all released sets.

>GOAT search interface and hi-res cards

>Thread Topic:
What is your favorite art on a token?
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Infinity General: Make it Happen Edition

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Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Belli where they need to put this guy in a fursuit and have him hoppin all over the place.

>All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff:

>Semi-unofficial catalog of fluff, dossiers, and unit models:

>Rules Wiki:

>Official Army Builder:

>Dice Calculator:

>Token Generator:

>N3 Hacker Helper:



>Faction Rundown:

>All Consolidated Rules:

>Operation Icestorm Scan (beginner missions)!AkkG0ZZA!CE-YzCWIWVROcSnnlkZI8SMWxWoNb1LkFbWI-LamYR8

>The RPG Kickstarter

>WIP Tactica

>RPG Character Creation

>released RPG books (+ a couple rulebook scans)!8pRURayK!Kj16fd7nQhEcaId8hKD4oA

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