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Many of us would agree we're tired of dragons and knights and local lords and the standard tropes of places with names like "Ashandia" and "Winter's Pauldron."

I think we've wrung every bit of use out of Tolkien's tropes. Elves and orcs and gnomes and ancient evils lying in wait.

What's the next kickstart to the genre? What does it need? Where is fantasy headed?
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Post Races you'd play in Tabletop if given the chance
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>player wants to play a khajiit
>tell them yes
>they proceed to punch the shit out of enemies and be a valued member of the party
Remember being an ass purely on arbitrary principles makes you retarded
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>dude what if we arbitrarily apply real-world logic or science to some part of a magical setting?
>Bro, that's amazing! What if, like, necromancers aren't actually hubristic creeps who are playing at being god and instead it's just a normal thing to dig up the remains of somebody's aunt to do your housework!
>yeah man, that's not disrespectful at all! And what if blood magic, which combines all of the same elements with a well-established association with demonology and human sacrifice, also wasn't bad? You could like, cast power word aneurysm!
>haha dude that's fucking great I just pissed my pants laughing, there's clearly not any kind of an aesthetic or symbolic quality to magic and the rules associated with it! We should, like, raise an army of skeletons and use them to automate labor!
>Bro, that's so clever! Obviously a preoccupation with death and power is not in any way a character flaw, and necromancers are clearly not the sort of people who shoot up schools!

I fucking hate you people, you know that? You've been spewing the same level-breaking bullshit since before the fucking internet was invented, and somehow you still think that it makes you clever when you choose to be deliberately obtuse about the symbolism involved in magic.
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Bee Worship

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What rituals, tenets and beliefs would a PaladinCleric/Devotee of bees have?
What would be their outlook on life?
Where would they worship?
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Why is the owlbear so endearing?
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I can't believe they retconned away the Emperor being betrayed by Horus, 40keks seething right now how does it feel to have your precious setting taken away
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>put some children NPCs into my game that are only supposed to be involved in some minor sidequest to get the party from point A to point B
>party saves them from danger, bonds with them, checks in on the kids every now and again to make sure they are safe or to give them life advice

ITT: the little things that bring you joy
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/aosg/Age of Sigmar General

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" Oh? You're Approaching Me?" edition

Last thread

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks!HNxyEQpQ!LJ_zYs69l-Z9FjJFRwkJIw


>Thread question
What other units should we expect for the StD release (besides SC box, and Ogroid)?
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>the party finds themselves in a land filled with bloodthirsty cows carrying human weapons
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