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/flag/ Fluffy Angel General

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Writefaggotry Edition

What sort of Art Forms would Angels participate in? Music, Painting, Literature, Theatre, Something Else?

Post Angels of all kinds

Writefaggotry is encouraged!
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>the goddess of mushrooms is a sexy girl
Who comes up with this shit?
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Sir, the men are uneasy about the fight? What should we do?
>give your best battle speeches
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Skaven Abhuman Regiment

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Skaven in 40K as Imperial Guards'men'.
Discuss, you filthy rats.
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To Socialize, Or Not to Socialize

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Is it poor form to ask how everyone's been before a tabletop session starts? Is there a point beyond which I would be interrogating?
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Elf thread

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How are your elves, Anon? Are they nice? Are they asshole? Are they cannibals? Are they judgementals?

Post your settings, and we'll look down on you and maybe provide feedback on how to improve* your elves.

*Improvement being a subjective term here.
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D&D Bullshit thing from a Module

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>Run a Module
>Cuz its a module, PCs are forced to interact with some NPCs
>One PC (Player was unbarable that session) decided to skip on a important NPC, other PC realises he has to talk to them
>Due to PC1 refusing to NPC,PC2 shoots him in the foot
>PC1 limps in the other direction
>PC2 gets to NPC in time
>PC1 passes out

Some other highlights
>Too autistic to understand the rules,nearly 1 hitted all players with a dying Owlbear session 1, for some reason I thought the D20+ DMG Dice was the damage
>Somehow Players kill a CR 4 Bear without even dying a bit later
So basically,first it was too hard,then too easy,though was fixed later
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D&D is a good system.
It only gets hate here from a few people because hating on other systems gets little to no attention.

You can argue it's not the best system, but to argue that it's a bad system is just demonstrating that people with a cross to bear will argue about anything.

So, when that guy who immediately rushes to spam his "Play Anything else, stop playing D&D" posts in every thread that merely mentions D&D, please, stop egging him on by pretending to take him seriously.
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What's your character's alignment?
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Exalted vs World of Darkness XIX

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Still Arguing About Silly Shit Answered In The Books Edition

Book 1

Book 2

Last Thread: >>64742065
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