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Tolkien, Green, or Pig Orcs?
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Excluding systems that are fetish and erp based, and systems that are clearly made to be bad, what's the shittiest TTRPG system?

I get that you hate D&D, but its far from the worst
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>The BBEG just wanted humans and monsters to get along
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Non-Gygaxian Races of D&D

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D&D has a long, LONG history of races outside of the "Gygaxian parade" of Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings. Which are your favorite races that fall outside of this paradigm? Why do you like them? Are there any ones from past editions that you wish would return? Thri-kreen, dray, muls, goliaths, dragonborn, tieflings, genasi, aasimar, devas - whatever the race is, let's give them some love here!
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>All these things are, in their superior forms, simply by-products of excess intellectuality—which I haven’t the honour to possess. In their inferior forms they are of course simply avenues of escape for persons with too poorly proportioned and correlated a perspective to distinguish betwixt the frivolous and the relevant
H.P. Lovecraft to James F. Morton, February 3, 1932
>I feel quite justified in believing that games and sports ought not be ranked among the major phenomena of life.
H.P. Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard, October 3–5–7, 1932

Was he right?
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Why aren't werebears more popular?
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Have you ever gamed with family?

How'd it go?
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What's your favourite Powered by the Apocalypse game?

I'm thinking of starting a Monster of the Week campaign. Have you tried it?
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Do you require your players to buy/specify every single item their characters carry, or are you fine with the "you have what it makes sense for you to have" approach?
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