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how are overall inter-species relationships like in your setting?
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ITT: Post characters that could defeat pic related (even with the Infinity Gauntlet) in seconds

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Fuckin' warlocks how do they work?

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Help me clear some things up, anons
1. What actually is the pact? Does it connect you to the entity and creates a constant stream of power going to them? Does the entity imprints itself into the mortal? Does it connect the mortal to the entity's plane?
2. How come Warlocks can become stronger than the entity they made a pact with?
3. How come Warlock powers can't be revoked by the entity after the pact is made?

Pic related
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Making better monsters and people 2: De-extinction edition

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What is both monsters and sentient species of the setting came from more obscure and unused animals and other critters? Perhaps with a hint of magic to make it interesting.

In other words - lets make some humanoids, monsters and others out of something else then a bunch of apes and few members of order carnivora (That way we don't have to deal with furfags and their "human equivalent").

Previous thread: >>65610037

Disclaimer: I'm not the OP from the previous thread. I just wanted for the discussion to continue. Also the previous thread has been archived on suptg.
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I'm thinking about joining my friends private Highlander/Commander group, but I don't really have a deck, and I can hardly remember the rules, since last time I played MtG was 20 years ago. Always liked to play a deck with some great bombs, so I'm considering Jodah, but as I'm hardly up to date with the card ranges, I have next to no idea about what to put in such a deck.

Does /tg/ have any "must have" cards for a Jodah deck - and is it even a feasible commander for a noob?
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Wtf was his problem?
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Turning a Silver dragon lawful evil (or at least into a stick in the mud)

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Ok so in my new campaigh of ToA ii have a warlock being in contact with a silver dragon up on the sword coast as their patron (refluffed fae patron) with a backstory that involves the Silver dragon in question asking for their newly contracted half-elf warlock to go and try finding out what happened to a certain Gold dragon who disappeared into the jungles of Chuul 500 years ago.[/End of what PC knows]The truth of the matter is that Silver dragon in question is sending their patron out to the quest because he's trying to find out the fate of a gold dragoness he was married to and tragically separated from. Why did this happen? I had a few ideas floating around before but now I'm rather dead set on something.

It turns out that after yesterday's session for reasons I'll elaborate on below I now have a plan where I want to shock the party in a few sessions down the line by revealing this particular Silver dragon to actually be a miserable genocidal no compromise purge evil from the world wherever it may be found type of dragon who orchestrated a plotline in Chult which ties into the backstory of the group's Gith PC who's ancestor's fled from Chult for 'unknown reasons'

I mostly decided to go with this because I completely botched up what a silver dragon is supposed to be like when I did a 'dream scene' between the warlock and his patron. I committed to the cardinal sin of mistaking silver-friendly-boi as being like a stick-up-ass-bronze boi So now i'm left wondering what could have happened to change a silver dragon from his natural friend making happy puppy self into a drab lonely bastard sitting in a dark empty cave litioning to the occasional reports of buisness partner minnions and their progress in killing as many evil things as possible.
>So feel free to suggest for how to kick lizard puppy who wants to make friends into becoming lizard hitler.

(PS if pic related makes you feal strange in the peepee that's on you.)
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I want to run a kaizo game

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I want to run a game full of cheap bullshit and obscure gimmicks full of punishing deathtraps. Give me your most horrible ideas.
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How do you feel about your experience in the TTRPG community at large? What ways do you think it could be improved in its treatment of its members?
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