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->Be me, brand new to D&D.
->Find a group willing to accept new members at a local game shop.
-> Group is all death and grim dark. Not my cup of tea, but this is my 1st time playing and I don't want to ruin their fun.
-> Play for a few weeks getting familiar with how this all works.
-> The real problem starts happening when one by one, the rest of the party members start converting to this one autist's cult of Baal. Some of them were forced to with intimidation rolls, which is bullshit. Eventually I'm the only one left.
-> Group starts calling themselves The Baal Cabal, and are constantly putting pressure on me to convert.
-> I try to explain to them that it would go against my character's behavior. My character is a Fiend Warlock who regrets making the pact, and he wouldn't start devoting himself to another evil entity on top of the one he's currently subservient to.
-> The DM offers a solution to my character's predicament. He says if I worship Baal, the cult can perform a dark ritual in which some innocent person can take my curse instead without my Patron knowing.
-> In hindsight, I should've just gone along with it and be a team player. Instead I stubbornly decline.
-> Finally the Baal autist, a Fighter a few levels above me, delivers an ultimatum. Either join the cult or die. I didn't appreciate being bullied to join his stupid grimdark fan club, so I say no.
->Fight breaks out between our characters, I don't have a prayer in winning this fight. Fight is interrupted by several giants. In the confusion, I do the only thing I can think of and run away. They survive but I'm long gone.
-> Session ends that night. Group is mad at me for leaving. I'm mad they betrayed me.
-> I go home knowing I can't salvage this, and my character is probably going to die.
->Next week arrives. Long story short, the DM has my character coincidentally run into the group who are being attacked by dragons.
->I'm hoping me arriving to help them can patch this up. Autist refuses.
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What does /tg/ think of warlocks? How do you think they should be done?
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I can't decide, which path is ultimate in RPG games in general?

>INT / magic / explosives and utility
>AGI / dexterity / guns, bows, sneakiness, stabbing
>STR / constitution / melee, tanking, berserking
>other, define

Which? How? Why? Discuss.
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Can a setting have italian vampires without being so different from conventional vampire "rules" that they're no longer recognisable as vampires?
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>As a joke, the god of fertility and healing made these strange fruits that magically heal most ailments when consumed but there are side-effects
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When are they going to stop making Planeswalker decks with ugly humanoids all; the time, and use cool creatures like Dragons, Demons, Giants, and Sea Serpents instead?
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Tolkien, Green, or Pig Orcs?
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Excluding systems that are fetish and erp based, and systems that are clearly made to be bad, what's the shittiest TTRPG system?

I get that you hate D&D, but its far from the worst
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>The BBEG just wanted humans and monsters to get along
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Non-Gygaxian Races of D&D

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D&D has a long, LONG history of races outside of the "Gygaxian parade" of Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings. Which are your favorite races that fall outside of this paradigm? Why do you like them? Are there any ones from past editions that you wish would return? Thri-kreen, dray, muls, goliaths, dragonborn, tieflings, genasi, aasimar, devas - whatever the race is, let's give them some love here!
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