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MtG lore thread

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What did they mean by this?
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Why not just knock the lich unconscious and keep them in captivity and THEN search for the phylactery?

They have none of that unconsciousness immunity in 4e and 5e.
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Female Knights Thread!!

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/flag/ Fluffy Angel General

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Writefaggotry Edition

What sort of Art Forms would Angels participate in? Music, Painting, Literature, Theatre, Something Else?

Post Angels of all kinds

Writefaggotry is encouraged!
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>the goddess of mushrooms is a sexy girl
Who comes up with this shit?
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Sir, the men are uneasy about the fight? What should we do?
>give your best battle speeches
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Skaven Abhuman Regiment

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Skaven in 40K as Imperial Guards'men'.
Discuss, you filthy rats.
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To Socialize, Or Not to Socialize

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Is it poor form to ask how everyone's been before a tabletop session starts? Is there a point beyond which I would be interrogating?
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Elf thread

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How are your elves, Anon? Are they nice? Are they asshole? Are they cannibals? Are they judgementals?

Post your settings, and we'll look down on you and maybe provide feedback on how to improve* your elves.

*Improvement being a subjective term here.
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Most interesting/ fun character you've made

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>PCs found skeleton chained to tree
>Lawful good monk
>Call him Chain
>Resurrected as suicide bomber, thus explosion runes carved in skull
>Hated necromancy for having disturbed his rest, but used undead life to avenge people who have been wronged
>Permanently hooded and wearing a wooden mask to hide runes
>Wandered the world trying to find an evil so great that he could not stop it
>Gave all the loot to rest of party, just went on quests to stop wrongdoers, sometimes took a few coins to hand out to homeless people and travellers
>Eventually defeated by lich whom the party freed, blew himself up, killing himself in the last second to take the lich with him
>Rest of PCs found and destroyed phylactery
>Chain died for their sins