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>man-eating race is not viewed as evil due to reasons.
People don't really do this right? How can GM and DM justify their existence? How can the player tolerate this? What's your opinion on this /tg/.
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Railroading GM

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>playing dnd for the first time with friends
>use module for first few levels because everyone is new
>immediately after we finish the final dungeon, there is a cave-in
>we wake up strapped to gurneys, with all our items missing, with lobotomy scars

How do I defend myself against railroading? I don't like where this is going. I already brought it up after the GM asked for feedback and he just said "yeah lol you are being railroaded deal with it lol!! XD"

I don't wanna ruin his campaign since we are good friends but I want to defend my character's free will.
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Storythread - we may only have been off the board for literally five minutes, but hey, you can't keep a good thread down.

This is a thread for creative writing of /tg/-related fiction, so epic campaign greentexts and other non-fiction go elsewhere. If you have /tg/ related stories to post, post them here, and hopefully some kind anon will give you feedback (or at least acknowledge that someone did actually read it, which let's face it is what writefags really want).

What counts as /tg/-related? Anything someone could plausibly use in a campaign (which means basically anything if you have enough imagination).

If you don't have a story ready then I and other anons will be posting pictures throughout the thread for you to test your writing skills on. This is, more or less, a world-building and character-building exercise: two vital skills for playing roleplaying games. If you don't have any pics to post, you could try posting an idea for a setting or a character, and maybe someone will be willing to write a story using it. It's also an exercise in writing though, where writefags can try out their material and gain inspiration, so if you just want to talk about world-building you may want to head over to the dedicated world-building threads.

Remember that writefags love to have feedback on their work. Writing takes a long time, especially stories that go over several posts, and it can be really depressing when no one even seems to read it (and the writer won't know you read it unless you leave a comment).

And since writing takes a long time remember to keep the thread bumped. Pics are good, feedback is better.

There is a discord for writers:

The previous thread can still be found in the archive here
if you have any comments about the stories posted there

Don't forget to check out past stories on our wiki page:
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so what are the primarchs getting daddy today for father's day?
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Would pic related work as a western setting or would it be too edgy? I'm thinking you'd follow the storyline of being bounty hunters that slowly go off the rails and become murderers and marauders, and once the players become disgusted with the wanton violence they're being asked to do by The Judge and the rest of the gang theyd desert and have to either evade or kill them as the gang relentlessly pursues them.

We've never tried doing a "serious" story in my group so I'm not sure how well it'd come off
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Why aren't you using Kaiserreich's 2nd American Civil War as the backdrop for your campaigns /tg/?
New England best faction
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/4eg/ - D&D4e General

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/4eg/ - D&D4e General

For Fourth Edition D&D and all the other games inspired by D&D4e, such as 13th Age, Strike!, etc.

>4e Trove


>Pastebin (Expanded with more resources!)

>-Any character that requires more than 2 'classes' is unreasonable.
>-As the number of books needed to build the character increases, so do the odds of unreasonability.
>-Hybridization in general is suspect, and likely unreasonable.
>-The mixture of Essentials elements with setting-dependent elements from pre-essentials design era is something to be inspected, and may have unreasonable outcomes.
>-Cap all skill bonuses at char level + 10 or char level + 15 with Skill Focus
>-Any house rules are unreasonable
IGNORE optimizers/CharOp/powergamers
IGNORE hybrid classes
IGNORE dragonmarks
IGNORE using more than 3 or 4 books to make your character
IGNORE using FR/Eberron/Dark Sun books outside of intended settings
IGNORE house rules

Previous Thread >>66678283
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Lv10 Fighter vs Lv10 Wizard 5e

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Who wins?
Assume average rolls for both characters.
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...And the world grows soft.

100 years ago, an avatar of Pelor crossed into the material plane and declared unbreakable, immutable edicts: No sentient being may willingly commit an evil act (or through inaction, allow an evil act to pass), and no travel in or out of the plane is permitted.

Enter the curious case of our heroes. Merry bandits four - trapped, frozen, and preserved in an icy mountain cave after celebrating a big score...200 years ago. They awake to a world in which only they can commit evil acts, and only they can save it from encroaching darkness.

this is my next campaign and I'm struggling with thinking of heroic/otherwise interesting things I can have players do