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Worm Power Generation

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Use either generator to create your superpowered character. Post your rolls and describe the power created.

Your ending post number determines which of the 10 teams you are a part of.
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Does your setting contain robots, constructs, or other kinds of non-living servants?
How are they integrated into the civilizations of that setting?
Do they have a different perspective or motivation than that of the living races, which risks them causing harm to the living should they come into conflict?
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>"I never called Edith Luthien – but she was the source of the story that in time became the chief part of the Silmarillion. It was first conceived in a small woodland glade filled with hemlocks at Roos in Yorkshire (where I was for a brief time in command of an outpost of the Humber Garrison in 1917, and she was able to live with me for a while). In those days her hair was raven, her skin clear, her eyes brighter than you have seen them, and she could sing – and dance. But the story has gone crooked, & I am left, and I cannot plead before the inexorable Mandos."

JRR had a hard life
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Is there any way to equalize martials and casters that doesn't involve dragging the casters down with bullshit 'roll every time you cast a spell to see if you accidentally cause your anus to prolapse" checks?
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3126: Shitposting to Death Edition

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Would this map make a good Fallout PnP setting?
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Name a more iconic duo
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Kingdom Death Monster /kdm/

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Thread topic, autistic lore theories

still waiting for the past games con sale

Monster is a board game about surviving in the darkness. You play a bunch of cavemen stuck inside the world of the Kingdom Death, a setting full of freaky (and sometimes psycho-sexual) monsters.

Prologue Narration: [YouTube] Kingdom Death: Monster - Prologue (embed)

This game has 3 phases.
1. You hunt down monsters for resources
2. Fight them
3. Return to your settlement with the goods
Your goal is to arm your survivors and grow your settlement over 25-30 'lantern years', overcoming the odds that are against you.

A maximum of 25-30 sessions are expected for a successful campaign. Shorter campaigns will be available in 2021

It's basically Warhammer Quest meets Monster Hunter meets Berserk.

>Official Sites

>1.3 Rulebook!WpB0VJhB!KS3q6INY0vT8IPdtKc9aPQ

>Official FAQ and Living Glossary

Official build guides:
Upgrade 1.3 to 1.5 guide:
Unofficial lore and miniature build guides:
ART OF DEATH artbook:
1.5 Core Game and 1.3 expansion miniature info image:
Gambler's Chest (coming in 2nd half of 2018) miniature info image:

>Thread FAQ (Last updated 16th of December)

Old thread:
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Explain to me why your character isn't using giant two-handed sword RIGHT NOW.
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I'm currently working on a very very very bad homebrew system. How do you make good homebrew systems?
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