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What is the most unique type of magic in your setting?
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Alignment question in Pathfinder 2

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First session of a campaign, PF2, playing a champion who's a Paladin Champion.

Party is in town, paladin gets 5g pickpocketed, they pursue the thief, end up letting them keep it out of sympathy because the thief is a 14 year old beggar.
Later find that same thief in court being accused of stealing by a random merchant in front of the Queen of the land.
Queen explains that the penalty for petty theft is hand removal. Paladin says they willingly let the thief keep the gold, queen says even if they don't want to press charges the penalty for theft is hand removal. Paladin lies and says they gave the thief the gold willingly. DM decides that's not a lawful good act to lie to an authority figure and tries to force an alignment shift to Chaotic Good and cause the loss of Paladin powers.
What do you guys think? Should I even keep playing? The DM in question has openly stated they hate Lawful Good characters in their campaigns because "nobody knows how to play them right." Not really sure how to remedy this situation.
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>Teacher,why is there only "It's ALWAYS bad" in "Blood Magic" section?
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How does /tg feel about designs like this? Are they acceptable?

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Here's your fantasy setting bro
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What are some good paladin plot twists?

>Paladin is secretly a _____________
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Alright /tg/ let's do some setting imagining.

Lets say it's the ice age and there is human (and possibly non human) civilization around, what sort of things would you want to put in the lore? How would the different kingdoms/city states/empires look and function, how would daily life look like? Whats the magic like if there is any? And what can be found in the freezing lands of the north?
Let's try to work together and work out some interesting ideas.
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Many of us would agree we're tired of dragons and knights and local lords and the standard tropes of places with names like "Ashandia" and "Winter's Pauldron."

I think we've wrung every bit of use out of Tolkien's tropes. Elves and orcs and gnomes and ancient evils lying in wait.

What's the next kickstart to the genre? What does it need? Where is fantasy headed?
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Post Races you'd play in Tabletop if given the chance
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