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Character creation

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How do you come up with a characters back story/ how you want them to be seen by others
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Hot take: Conan > Lord of the Rings
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>Meanwhile on Demon Hunter /tg/
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MTG 'Flakemaking - Snowstorm 2019 - Thread 9

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Fading Flurries edition

>What is/was this thread
An offshoot of the old MTG lore thread focused on making OC Planeswalkers, planes, and theorycrafting with some of the weirder aspects of Magic's mythos.

>How do you do that?
Pic related is the current version of the fanwalker sheet. Put in cards, think up characterization and history, and have a good time. I'll be posting the other sheets for non-planeswalker flakes and OC planes shortly.

>This sounds autistic
It is, yes. That's kind of the point. Besides, it's fun and we're on /tg/.

>What about other OC content?
Feel free to post art, writing, weird memes, smut, music, whatever you want. It'll all be appreciated.

>Are there any rules?
It's strongly encouraged that you not tie canon characters or Legendary items/spells into your flake. It's tricky to do, and usually ends up with them either breaking canon over their backs, or being incredibly mary-sue-ish.

Previous thread:
(Thread 8) >>67812120

>Thread Question
Now that the threads are slowing down and the storm looks to be starting to end, what will your flakes do? Is there a conclusion to their current story? An "off-season" for their adventures? What do they do during their downtime?
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Idea Shilling Thread

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I've had this idea for a while. The purpose of this thread is to post concepts you've been working on and let other anons give you feedback.

I'll start with mine as an example.

>Setting takes place in a future-Earth. Several groups have begun taking down information on every event and choice and observing every little event.
>These are converted into numbers and used to make predictions on future events, think Chaos Theory but observation allows one to legitimately divine the future if done correctly.
>PCs are able to pick from normal people to people who can manipulate probability or run enough numbers to make an explosion near enemies.
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Weird locations thread 2. Post your odd locations and other people can give you advise on them.

>meadow of bone white flowers on a cliff overlooking a lake
>flowers are all razor sharp, falling into them is probably deadly
>numerous skeletons sit among the flowers
>no blood is left behind as the flowers drink blood
>the center of each flower is an eye
>in the center of the meadow is a jet black tree
>tree is covered in more eyes
>in the roots of the tree is an entrance to a cave that leads all the way down to an underwater tunnel
>cave in filled with twisted creatures and the ruins of a temple
>creatures all have eyes where they shouldn't
>there are tons of offerings to the creatures and to the thing that lives in the depth of the watery cave
>the thing in the bottom of the cave is supposedly a mass of leeches called 'the watcher'
>party is going there with a shaman to try and induce a vision to find a guy

So how does it sound?
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Economics In Fantasy?

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Given everything that magic can do in a lot of fantasy settings, namely transmutation of matter, etc, how would the economy in a fantasy setting work? Heck, what about things like dragon hoards or dungeon loot, how does that affect the economy? How do mages who don't go pillaging dungeons and the like support themselves with their abilities?
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Designing Runes 2

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There was a thread a few days ago about rune magic that didn't really kick-off, but it got me thinking; if your setting has rune magic, why do only certain shapes produce a magical effect? Is it like a circuit or logic gate of some kind, or something else? And what about actually designing the runes for your setting/system, does anyone have any advice? If you've created runes for your system, how did you choose how many runes there would be (besides how much you were able to design), what they meant, and how they were activated? How much detail should one give on all this?
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>calling you character a "toon"
Why the fuck do people do this?
I thought it was just a stupid meme until yesterday when our new player joined and described everything he did in game in third person and calling his character a toon.
No "I do X" or even "my characters does X". Instead it was "My toon does X" all the fucking time. To top it off we are playing Dark Heresy which makes it even more jarring.

This shit is seriously driving me up the fucking wall and grating on my nerves more than any single word has any right to.
Why would anyone ever use the word toon to describe their character unless you're playing one of the few saturday morning cartoon RPGs around?
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Are there any other TRPG's that have a faction fulfilling the role that the Imperial Guard does in Warhammer 40k? Average men and women fighting aliens and monsters that are way above what they're equipped to handle, and defeating them through numbers and the willingness to sacrifice their lives, that sort of thing.
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