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Origin of Humanity

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What is the origin of humanity in your setting?
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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2909: Explosion Edition

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BDSM Edition

Search cards
Fockin spoilers


Thread question: Did you bite the bullet and bought any Challenger decks?
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/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General

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Caster uses misty step to escape grapple edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Artificer

>5e Trove

>more rpg things should you be interested
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>Stable releases


Previous thread: >>65767197

/5eg/, how do you feel when an enemy teleports out of sight?
What about when there's absolutely nothing you could have done to know about, prevent or pursue your Quarry?
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The Order of the Stick

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Why do the OOTS books seem more political than the online comic? I'm seeing too much of the author's opinions here.
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>every takes their seat
>DM dims lights
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Justifying Minimal Armor?

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In fantasy and TTRPG art, you see a LOT of women (and a few men, "cough, Conan, cough") in "armor" that is rather skimpy. Are there any situations where wearing as little armor as one can get away with is actually preferable? Besides environs like Ancient Egypt, where the heat would make wearing a full set of metal armor as we think of with knights? I heard something somewhere about armored limbs and a decent shield, but little-to-no torso coverage was often used by people who could not afford a full set of armor (any sources for this, as well as the other questions, would be appreciated). Also, assuming magic isn’t involved, how easy and/or cost-effective is it to make leather and linen armor versus the different types of metal armor, and how effective were they in comparison?

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>Any thoughts on armor that be both sexy AND effective?
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Favorite NPC you've made.

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Whats your favorite npc you've made? Did your players enjoy bumping into them from time to time? Or just plain pleased with the idea of them?
My part met a lavishly dressed ogre named Emmit in a caravan they traveled with for a time. He was friendly a kind hearted and , although not that bright, began looking after the party like a mama bear. He was also a self proclaimed bard, stringing up his club into a rough 3 string instrument.
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Atlantean Technology?

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I just watched the Aquaman movie the other day, and it got me thinking, how WOULD an underwater civilization, be it Atlantean, alien, or otherwise, develop advanced technology? I'd imagine that it would be easier if, like the Atlantis on the film, it was above the water at one point before sinking beneath the waves, but a lot would probably still be difficult. Any thoughts? What would they struggle with the most?
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Is my DM in the right to ban Tieflings in his homebrew setting because, in his words: "Tieflings are dumb lol"

I feel like restricting the PHB races for no good reason is uncool
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