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Weapon skills in skill based games

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Why split One Handed and Two Handed skills?

Small Guns and Big Guns?

To slow character progression? Why do games do this?
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/gbg/ Godbound General

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>What is Godbound?
A rules-light fantasy power-trip TTRPG about playing demigods, accomplishing epic feats, battling mythological creatures, and reshaping the world in your image.

>Where can I get it?
Look in the trove, or get the free version here :

Thread starter:
>Instead of being set in Arcem, your game is set in the modern day
>Characters are either new gods rising from modern concepts or ancient gods reborn in mortal bodies
>What god are you and what are your Words?
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What do you think of clowns/jesters being a race?
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Age of Strife and Wars of Unification

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Justifying Minimal Armor?

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In fantasy and TTRPG art, you see a LOT of women (and a few men, "cough, Conan, cough") in "armor" that is rather skimpy. Are there any situations where wearing as little armor as one can get away with is actually preferable? Besides environs like Ancient Egypt, where the heat would make wearing a full set of metal armor as we think of with knights? I heard something somewhere about armored limbs and a decent shield, but little-to-no torso coverage was often used by people who could not afford a full set of armor (any sources for this, as well as the other questions, would be appreciated). Also, assuming magic isn’t involved, how easy and/or cost-effective is it to make leather and linen armor versus the different types of metal armor, and how effective were they in comparison?

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>Any thoughts on armor that be both sexy AND effective?
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Rate my Orcs

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Inspired by a combination of Flick-the-thief (whose lorepic I can't post or the mods will prune this threaD), the Sharakim, Luthic's lore in Volo's Guide, and the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, I have a vision for orcs in my setting. I can't escape the cheesecake elements, but I can at least ensure there's some depth to it beyond that. Since the thread about my goblins was relatively helpful, I figured I'd see if lightning could strike twice.

So far, this is all I got.

>Orcs are a proud people of passionate temperaments and primal appetites, but also strong social bonds and deep spirituality.
>Clan comes first is their creed. Loyalty is the most prized of virtues to them. An orc trusts their friends and family implicitly, and expects that loyalty in return.
>Orcs feel a strong connection to the "old ways", the primal magics of earth and water, storm and fire, wood and beast.
>Most see it as their duty to find a peaceful integration between nature and civilization.
>Others seek to exploit their passion and strength to defend and guard the people of the city, seeking to prove themselves worthy members of the "greater clan" that is the city.
>A minority seek to bring down civilization and restore the primal ways of old to dominance, but these are disavowed by their kin; they represent a return to the darkness that the race has striven to overcome.
>All orcs are female, due to the genderciding of their menfolk by their mother-goddess as part of a ploy to usurp her spouse and sue the other gods for peace.
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Hc Svnt Dracones 2.0

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Thread 2: With Great cancer comes great responsibility.

Last thread we made a party including A)a special snowflake owl sherlock holmes, a tiny red panda mob-boss daughter, a mary-sue cat girl, and a snake bot who has plenty of tentacles to dualwield two handed weapons.

But we need a semi-friend, semi-enemy character now. Lets start with a Taur morphism and roll from there.

Lets talk that, and working out how this combat system works.

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Slime Biology

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Assuming that they're not just an accumulation of magical energy or some similar phenomenon, and are real creatures with biological functions that do NOT violate the known laws of biology and physics, how would a slime or similar blob creature work? How would they maintain their shape (or change it, if need be) and manipulate other objects? How would their senses work (particularly sight)? What about thought processes, if they're intelligent? Etc?
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PbtA General

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Reminder: Every PbtA game is mechanically different, some in obvious ways, some in subtle yet important ways. Please mention which PbtA game you are talking about.

PbtA Trove (minus Dungeon World):!ThdSkJgI!cwLeoLsY9O5vT9JMhuWyHw

Genre Suggestions:
• High Fantasy: Fellowship, Broken Worlds
• Low Fantasy Skulduggery: Blades in the Dark
• Urban Fantasy: Urban Shadows (supernatural politics), Monster of the Week (hunting), Monsterhearts (high school drama)
• Superheroes: Worlds in Peril, Masks (high school)
• Cyberpunk: The Sprawl, The Veil, Headspace
• Post-Apocalyptic: Apocalypse World 2e, Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2e

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/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus General

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It's free Edition


>===/hhg/ copypasta===


NEW TACTICS PAGE,000/Tactics/Daemons_of_the_Ruinstorm_(30k)

>Thread FAQ(quite old)

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore (megas don't work)

>HH rulebook

>===/atg/ copypasta===

>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours

>More lists

>Lady Atia's Review

>What size magnets do I need?

>Blessed Scanon

>AT: Titandeath

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