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>Be me, leader of a city-state post-apocalypse.
>Be stuck in a cold war with neighboring city-state while fighting "rebels" on the fringes of the frontier and borders
>Everything was going well
>The rebels/terrorist were all but defeated and soon the leaders will be killed
>Decided to Colonize more land for living space and to deal with overcrowdedness.
>Living Conditions for the average person are slowly improving.
>then the chosen ones/adventures visited
>Well shit
>After about seventeen more sessions (Epilogues sessions not included.) everything is on the verge of collapsing
>GodDamn it
>Decide to abandon my humanitarian rule for more of a Draconian rule in order to preserve the last vestige of the old world.
>Besides my GM being that GM, it works.
>The Rival city-states are either in ruin or too weak to do anything about it
>the rebels are all wiped out, along with the Chosen one/adventures.
>Living Conditions for the average person are improving exponentially.
>mfw I don't give a shit if people outside call me a tyrant, My people are prospering and happy is all I care about.

The GM actively trying to fuck me over notwithstanding, it was a good game.

What about you, /tg/? play any games that against all odds you win in the end, despite thinking you were going to lose?
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>your party is doing so badly the kingdom starts hiring alternative sources of help
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Obscure RPGs

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Sell me on your favorite obscure or strange system. Tell us stories of the campaigns you've had in them, or the campaigns you wish you could run in them.

I've been a fan of Infernum the moment I heard of it. It's a fully fleshed out and mapped 9 circles of hell, with factions, cool enemies, and tons of fodder for a badass campaign.
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>play sci-fi game
>be alien so didnt pay much attention to humans
>the subject of religion comes up in passing and GM show us a symbol of the earth-religion
>looks familiar... read the setting document
>it's fucking scientology
>the somewhat...rocky... beginings of scientology is comparable to that of early christianity. It's a pretty inoffesinve religio nnow

ITT: Dumb shit your GM does that you unironically love
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Killing off a PC's friends

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This is not something I'm planning on doing, but I've had a very allergic reaction to Wick's "Play Dirty" in my youth after being exposed to one too many GMs who relished in being assholes in and out of table, and he was a big proponent of using a player's affiliates as train fuel en route to Drama.

I often see posts that say killing off people close to the PC (or doing something similar; there was an old pasta where the epilogue included a player character's wife cheating on him and ultimately dumping him while he was gone) is a surefire way to make it so that players never affiliate with anyone. I agree.

As I already said, I dislike the idea of taking a shit into the player's escapism and discouraging them from forming bonds, and with taking their pet kitten and impaling it on a trap to play up a cheap tragedy, but how, if ever, would you do that in a tasteful way, that wouldn't feel forced by a man high on GRRM?

Pic unrelated, but I know someone will add it to his folder.
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/VG/ Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem General

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Bug people thread?
Bug people thread.
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/e40kg/ Epic 40k general

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Premature end edition

>Where do I get the rules?
Net Epic Armageddon rules and lists:
Epic UK alternative lists (same rules, fully compatible with the above):!LvhDkSSD!-5B6Vl__KsbL9MBJNN9oPA

The Horus Heresy rules:

>Where can I get miniatures?
Facebook trading groups and eBay

>What do these proxies even represent?

>Where do I get those fan made minis that show up everywhere?
Those are called forumware and are hard to get for a reason. Some china-recasters have warhounds. If you have 0 epic minis right now just get a vanguard miniatures army. Don't publicly share any recaster info you have.

Faction Overviews

>Thread Question
What armies do you collect and what advice would you give to someone looking to collect the same armies as you?

Previous thread:
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/hhg/ The Horus Heresy General

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/40kg/ Warhammer40k general

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