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Magic Returns

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Hey, so it's Halloween tomorrow, and that got me thinking, what if, one Halloween, magic started coming into/coming back into our world? Have you ever dealt with something like that in one of your settings/games, etc, with something that you came up with or otherwise? What happened, and was it a net positive or negative for the world and humanity? If magic previously existed in your setting, what caused it to go away and were there any traces left in the world? Also, when is a good point in history for such an event to occur, and why? What about what caused it to come back, or come into our world if it didn't previously exist? Was it deliberate, accidental, or simply a semi-natural occurrence? What were the first noticeable effects? Did any supernatural beings or monsters appear? How was magic first utilized? BTW, Happy Halloween!
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>Even the villain is shocked at the misdeeds of so called "heroes", and calls them out on their massive hypocrisy.
It's such a good trope, but it never works, because it's only justified against murderhobos, and murderhobos won't care.
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I'm thinking of putting together a contemporary campaign with players playing as mercenaries in Africa. I know my group of friends would be down once their current games close out. What's a good system for combat heavy play that has a lot of granularity for weapons and equipment. Will be 3-4 players and I would like each player to have up to potentially two followers t(hat are more expendable).

And before people start saying GURPS, what books/expansions/datasheets?
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Magitech : make it feel real edition

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Magitech thread,
>make it feel credible edition

I was saddened to have missed all these questions, so I'm remaking the thread
Claiming realism would be futile, however here are what triggered me:
- The drive wheels would get no traction as they don't profit of the weight to do so. You'd need them above for this.
- plus, the "load wheels" are small, meaning they turn extremely fast while supporting extreme mass, you'd need them larger and more numerous
- forced to note that the wheels or rather their shaft aren't articulated for tighter turn.
- The train could be made closer to the support rail to not waste space but it's ok if it's to minimize the pendulum effect, the support rail could use fixation without decoration that get in the way of the wheels
- This design doesn't seem to have a "Smoke Stack" despite clearly using lot of water, preferably in a direction that don't get in your face, or moist the rail in front of the drive rail. Oh wait Condensate recovery, I guess, their blue ice only violate thermodynamic then.
- The articulation should be closer to the center of mass.

>Is the flaw all that weight hanging from a single point?
Actually that's not very different from normal rails, but it assume they have extremely solid metals that they can weld extremely well.

That picture is still very, very pretty.
Next one is the plan for the terminology.
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ITT: tropes you love

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>the heroes team up with the previous villain to fight a bigger villain
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Has your party ever encountered someone they could consider their nemesis? Did they have a hand in their creation?. Talking about characters, not GM's or Players you could consider /your/ personal nemesis.
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Hey /tg/ trying to figure out some gifts for a friend for Christmas.

He's really into /tg/ stuff and I want to get him some accessories for his hobby.
What could you recommend?
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What are the robots in your setting like? Where does their energy come from? How sapient are they?

Bonus points for robot art.
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What might be interesting things to do with an artificial construct race?
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What would be some interesting twists on an Asian fantasy setting like Avatar? Like say I want something like Avatar, but with more creative freedom, and clearing up some missed opportunities?

Also Asian-fantasy thread while we're at it.
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