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>be DM-ing 5e
>warlock only uses thunderwave
>party is only getting their asses kicked by the friendly fire
>warlock refuses to stop using it
>party tries to avoid it, warlock repositions himself to "hit more enemies"
>nobody wants to fight back for some reason
>lawful good paladin sees nothing wrong
Is there a way to counter this spam? I wouldn't care if he was using eldrich blast or something like this, but he is making encounters entirely too hard and is making all of the melee characters walk on eggshells to be useful
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>Online game
>People keep interrupting me as I try to speak
I just show up for the roleplay, please stop interrupting me it's breaking my will to play. How do I have an honest and adult conversation about this with my group?
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/hhg/ + /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General

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Let's all pretend to be newfags and be nice to each other, I promise it won't be as horrible as it sounds.

Last >>66753753

NEW TACTICS PAGE,000/Tactics/Daemons_of_the_Ruinstorm_(30k)

>Thread FAQ(quite old)

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore (megas don't work)

>HH rulebook(pdf) if down, use a proxy
>Malevolence(pdf) if down, use a proxy
>MEGA (missing several redbooks, but its something)!SJ8VFJxC!V2rD0wWIO4ye10AZ9PDzMg!3V0wyDJD

>===/atg/ copypasta===

>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours

>More lists

>What size magnets do I need?

>Blessed Scanon

>AT: Titandeath

>AT: Moloch

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/dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General

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Sprue Permutations edition

Previous Thread: >>66729836

This is a general thread for Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander sci-fi wargames, created by Hawk Wargames and currently published by TTCombat. Dropzone Commander is a 10mm scale sci-fi wargame focusing on highly air-mobile futuristic forces and objective-oriented scenarios. Dropfleet Commander is its fleet-scale companion game, featuring spaceships in close orbit over a planet, battling for control of ground assets and orbital installations.

>Manufacturer's Site

>Dropzone Commander Resources
>2.0 Beta Rules and miscellaneous

>old edition rulebooks
DZC core book:
Phase 2 Rules and Scenarios:
Phase 2 Units:
Phase 2 Fluff:

>Dropfleet Commander Resources
Rules and Scenarios:
Units Stats:

>free army builders
>free DFC fleet builder

What leaked upcoming unit are you most hyped for?
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What weapon/combination is the most similar to a 'brawler' fighting style?

Like, if you had to find the non-fist armament equivalent to some bald, burly guy with hand-wraps who would duck under/endure your blow then livershot or grab you by the hips and dunk you or whatever, what would it be?
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Acceptable snacks thread

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People wonder why I have such strict rules about what snacks they can bring to my table, well, it's pretty simple

>No greasy fingers all over my books
>No cheeto dust everywhere that lingers for weeks
>No loud crunching noises during the game
>No nasty ass smells I and only I have to deal with the next morning
>No sticky messes caused by spilling drinks

You're allowed to bring things like gummi bears, dried fruits, nuts and a very specific type of cookie, but most other things are usually rejected. Any other snacks tg thinks are acceptable?
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Is paladin the single most That Guy class? Every paladin I've ever met is a huge moralfaggot who is dedicated to ruining the fun of the rest of the party.
Rogue wants to pick the pockets of the fat tax collector? THAT'S ILLEGAL
Wizard wants to animate a few skeletons to carry her bags? THAT'S EVIL
Bard wants to seduce the princess? THAT'S IMMORAL
It's literally designed to make the game unfun for the rest of the players.
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>that guy who always wants to play a gunsmith or having a gun in a medieval fantasy setting
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Disgusting unholy abberations thread.

I need all your weird body horror, biotech, ungodly, misbegotten sacks of flesh. Gimme your lovecraftian entities. Your stitched together corpsemonsters. Your fishpeople. I'll dump what I got.
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>the party encounters tried and true comedians, the Marx brothers
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