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Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/

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Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2376: Madness of King Jumper Edition

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What's your opinion on Dominion?

Other deckbuilding game discussion and recommendations welcome.
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Modern Fantasy

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Why isn’t fantasy with modern technology more popular?
Why does it have to be the far future or medieval?
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Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/

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Kill Team General /ktg/

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IG Generator 2.0

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"Fuck eldar" edition
Roll em boys.
>you roll
>you reply to your roll
>you post results and your reactions

Email=option section
The "d"s have to be lower case
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/osr/ - Old School Renaissance General

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Welcome to /osr/ – the thread for TSR-era D&D and all things related.

>Trove –
>Tools –
>Blogs –

Previous Thread: >>60947420 ?

What's your dream OSR book?
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>A return to Ravnica
Who the fuck wanted this? Isn't this like the third or fourth time we've gone there? God damn it.
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Bringing the group together

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Trying to think of different ways to "bring the group together". I hate the idea of a bunch of random people suddenly traveling together and killing shit. Just kinda doesn't make sense to me. So far I have:

Penal legion/drafted by (insert rulers total here)'s army

Group is part of a mass exodus when they meet

Group is captured by slavers. They meet in the cells. Must work together to get free

That's about all I got.
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