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Honest question

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What is the timeline like for being able to make boys this >>>/trash/16864300 feminine(furry elements not necessarily included)?
What advances need to be made?
What are the current pertinent avenues of research?
What are the roadblocks, both present and future?

I know it's mild fapbait, but my interest comes from curiosity about the intersection of the biological sciences(mostly genetic engineering) and consumer goods/services.
I trust you all remember the preface of Jurassic Park, where the question is posed as to what constitutes the biological equivalent of a sony walkman.
It seems to me that there is as of yet no such thing.
Great advancements have been made in the area to be sure, but from my admittedly very casual perspective, it would seem that 99% of the field lies in agricultural products, and there hasn't been any penetration (har har har) into pretty much anywhere else.

So again, where's the field going, how long will it take, and what happens when it gets there?