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how to check if overrepresentation is due to IQ (or any other quantifiable trait)?

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Suppose that some group like jews, chinese, blacks, women, chimpanzees whatever is not proportionally represented in some other population, like an occupation. Suppose that the distribution of IQ or whatever other trait is known for all the groups we're looking at and also the population we are studying is known.

How do I go about checking whether or not the over/under representation is adequately explained by differences in IQ? Everybody from /pol/tards to tumblrinas loves to whine about x being overrepresented in y, but how does one actually go about analyzing such assertions? Specifically, Jewish people are overrepresented in many things, and /pol/ claims this is due to conspiracy/nepotism while neoconservatives claim that this is due to their higher IQs. Neither side likes to talk about the math much.