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>be 13 year old me
>literally able to hyper focus at will
>insane amount of concentration no matter any distractions around me
>actually unlimited amounts of energy, great quality sleep
>chad of high school, bitches, sports captain etc, living the good life

>be 21 year old me
>unable to focus no matter how hard I try
>never feel the same amount of concentration, literally any distraction kills me
>feel infinitely dumber and unmotivated to do anything
>was able to concentrate like before for 2 days last summer
>decided to take some tests (reaction time, visual memory, auditory memory among others)
>scored higher than literally 95% of the rest of test takers
>remember those days as the best days of my life in the past few years
>take test a few days later when I don't feel the same and the hyper focus has left me
>literally worse than 50% in almost all categories

Please give me a scientific explamation of how this can possibly happen? How can the human brain degenerate into this?