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Bogus space faketry.

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US government and other Jew run countries covering up real science, and spreading their bogus cartoon religion as gospel. Most websites censoring truth to keep the people docile and uninformed.

>In the science world, physics demonstrates to us that nothing can go higher than 100 miles from Earth. The only place where things go higher than 100 miles, are in cartoons and bogus math equations.

IF satellites are real….
>Why there is no Earth movement of 1000 mph to be seen from space?
>Why clouds don’t move?
>Why lights are always on throughout the map?
>Why their so-called space satellite is limited to short view?
>Why there is no real Live video?
>Why there is not even a single real photo of Earth?

Belongs on /sci/, not some other faggot board where the post gets censored and flooded behind weeb shit.