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I can disprove Evolution in one step. Let's clear things up first. Evolution is the belief that, by completely random mutations, plus natural selection, complex life forms evolve. Now to disprove that horseshit.
>There are an infinite amount of mutations possible
>Only one of those mutations makes evolution possible, all others will not make it due to natural selection
>This means there is one (1) good mutation vs. infinite (?) bad mutations that will not make it into the next gene pool
>Obviously now, evolutionists came up with a solution: only millions of years of evolution produce a mutation, this is why we cannot observe this happening
>Mathematically, how long does it take to get the right answer when there are an infinite amount of wrong answers? Exactly. Infinity.
>For evolution to be true, the universe would have to have had its first life since infinite (?) amount of years.
>Evolution debunked