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What is this?

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Let’s consider two similar scenarios:
1:This is a computer simulation, and the laws of physics and all of the material universe is defined by an infinitely complex binary system.
2:This is some kind of mega-dream, and everything is the mental creation of something we might not even be able to comprehend. You might just be a mental projection, or maybe I am? Maybe it’s a mutual dream and we are both “real”, stuck in a perpetual dream state.

With these two considerations in mind, let’s put forth a third:
3: It’s neither, and we are in “base reality”, the true universe, the origin of everything. It is not a computer construct, neither a vast mental one.

If it’s neither, what is it? What is base reality “comprised” of? If a computer sim is of binary code and a dream-state is a mental construct, what is base reality then? Why is it here? Where did it come from? Both previous hypotheticals answer these questions at least to some extent, but I feel we haven’t even remotely answered these questions yet with hard science and I want to hear some non-shitposting thoughts on this.

I’d extremely appreciate some books/articles on this line of thought if anyone has em to share. I’ll obnoxiously self-pump this thread for days if needed.