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How can I start a career in engineering if I have schizophrenia? I lack social skills.
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i'm convinced med school is easier than engineering

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I used to be good at math and physics, but i have a brain disease and it made me dumb, so while i was still in college i switched to do biology and biochemistry.I am now realizing that all biology and medicine requires far less, critical thinking than engineering it is mostly just memorization, realize that before the brain disease all this biology would have been easy.So my point is that you get payed way more for being a doctor and it is much easier to do med school.
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Favorite area of math

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Post yours. I’ll start
>differential geometry
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I got a vaccine but a few hours later I got a 2-hour nosebleed. Will this cancel the effects of the vaccine?
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Is there any way to cure a herniated disc? They're easy to get and totally disabling, there's also a ton of snake oil salesmen out there and it seems like actual medical knowledge of it is in the stone age. I'm starting a paleo diet along with calorie restriction and intermittent fasting in order to see if it will take away the burning sensations in my fingers and sciatica in my leg.

Anyone know of any medical research currently going on to find a cure?
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Tourist here. My gf claims she has misophonia and spouts a lot of statements about how she has to walk around with a soundproof headset at uni all the time, and sometimes she just refuses to be in the same room as somebody who's whisteling, just to name a few. I've tried my best to read up on it, but it seems hella thin, and I'm extremely sceptical to it even being a thing. Any thoughts?
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Come on...

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>The sun and moon differ vastly in their size and distance, despite eclipsing each other perfectly year after year
They're very similar in size and distance, come on /sci/, it's blatantly obvious.
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El Arcón thread by

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There are certain real numbers that cannot be expressed in infinite decimal notation.
Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity
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please help, im bored, i need to stimulate the meat blob in my forehead with information.

post the most mindblowing information/topics that you know, or could attempt to fathom
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>be senior ME in undergrad working on capstone design project with other senior ME students
>half are chinks that can't speak english, the other two are CAD peons
>none of the 4 have had more than one transient internship
>think they equalized the teams by grades and because of my perfect GPA was punished with the inheritance of shitGPA literal calculators (who can't even get that right most of the time)
>as such, they are ME students at a top 30 school about to graduate and don't know how a lead screw works or is pronounced, despite us all taking the same course on mechanisms

When did engineering become as braindead of a field as some of the humanities? I wouldn't hire any of these kids, even for minimum wage. Do they just "take the summer off" and not try to apply their knowledge at all?