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Ethical Science

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because in every other facet of society, to not have a conscience leads to a diagnoses of Psychopath - but scientists escape this label - even though the unethical among them have wrought destruction on all of us - to varying degrees including death - for over a hundred years.

Someone said earlier, that ethics and philosophy don't belong in science : maybe that's what's wrong with mainstream scientists : they have no ethics nor philosophy to support a healthy conscience - hence why they don't have one :

= psychopaths.

Yes this is a statement thread.
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What are the chances of a rogue planet doing this to earth
How many years In advance would we know about it?
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What did your PhD program supply?

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I'm starting my MSC next year and wanting a new laptop (MacBook Pro) and phone (one of the all screen iPhones). Is it possible to get these for free from a UK science PhD program at a good uni?
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Math test

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Let's see how many of you are brainlets. Try and solve this problem on your own.

Let's say there's a function f(x), where f(x) is defined as follows:

The infinitieth derivative of f(x) is random. At each point x, the infinitieth derivative is randomly distributed with mean 0 with standard deviation 1. The initial conditions of f(x) at x=0 are all zero.

1. What is f(x), defined in terms of ?
2. Give a function that describes the mean of all the possible values of f(x) in terms of x. Similarly, describe the standard deviation of all the possible values of f(x) at each point x.
3. Plot a possible instance of f(x), where .

Bonus points: Create a formula that describes the nth derivative of x, and describe the mean and standard deviation of all derivatives of f(x) in terms of x.
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RIP Murray Gell-Mann

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What sort of credentials does one need in order to work for/ start a private defense/ security company? I.e. to work on guns, missiles and other cool defense related stuff? I'm asking this here because /g/ directed me here. Thanks.

> pic not related
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i would like to do career in science in the usa but i dont want to be fired because of being politically incorrect so i wont go to the burgerland
fuck the usa
no suprise china is better in science than the usa
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Are there any pre-natal factors that can make it less likely a given, fertile couple will have a given gender of baby? Can the sperm from the father be skewed so that there’s a significantly large difference between the sperm with X chromosomes and Y chromosomes? What about diseases or conditions affecting the mother that makes her womb less hospitable to a specific sex of embryo?
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>study aeronautical engineering
>check out the job market
>absolute fucking shit
>decent jobs require a Master's
>some interesting jobs require SolidWorks
>uni is so shit they only give us CATIA
>pajeets and xiao lings are studying engineering more and more

I'm fucked, am I not?
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How's life as a STEM double major?
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