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What exactly is so addictive about this? I've had a prescription for a while and small amounts don't do anything, large amounts just slow my brain down a bit and sometimes few hours worth of amnesia. I've done virtually every addictive drug short of hard stuff and can easily see addiction to opioids, Adderall, even weed but not this

Don't really get alcohol either, makes me depressed as fuck after around an hour
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/sfg/ – spacex containment thread general

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lunar gateway edition

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>sit through lecture, struggling to keep up and can only grasp the most basic intuition about the material
>feel like a drooling retard
>read the textbook for 90 minutes instead
>cover more material and get a much better grasp

am i retarded or are lectures just a bad way of teaching?
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What’s the most effective way to categorize everything in relation to yourself?
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/sci/ explain to me how Venus is not more suitable for human colonies rather than mars.

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I think it's very obvious that Venus is 10x better, since it's closer, thicker atmosphere, almost identical gravity to earth, and less costly. I know the Venusian surface is literally like hell, but the the sky and cloud cities aren't out of the realm of possibility. I know people who are more educated on the matter could maybe convince me that Mars would be better, hence why I am asking this question.
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ITT: fake "sciences"
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>"Every scientific man in order to preserve his reputation has to say he dislikes metaphysics. What he means is he dislikes having his metaphysics criticized."
What's your response /sci/?
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I've recently became interested in the human nervous system so I'm learning about the basics.
Pretty much every source states that a pseudounipolar neuron has got one axon that is split into an afferent and efferent part.
The thing is due to the axon's and dendrites' definition this makes zero sense since
-axon: it is a process along which impulses travel away from the cell's body
-dendrites: are branched protoplasmic extensions of a nerve cell that propagate the electrochemical stimulation received from other neural cells to the cell body, or soma, of the neuron from which the dendrites project.

So a branched axon can't really be split into an actual axon and dendrites on the other end because it has to be strictly afferent.
Please help me understand what I'm not getting
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If I took a shit in europa’s underground oceans, would the bacteria from my shit evolved into complex life in the span of millions to billions of years?
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