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I feel really bad for old people interested in science.
I mean if they were growing up in 70s or 80s and were thinking how cool future will be imagine how disappointed they had to be in early 21st century.
No flying cars, moon/mars colonization, dark matter, de-aging.
It’s kinda strange for me too because I always treated 2020 as some sort of cyberpunk distant date and here we almost are, with no cybernetic enhancements, gene editing or complex AI.
Sure we have self driving cars but I just expected more out of future.
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Linear Algebra

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What does Gauss Jordan elimination mean geometrically.
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How to get smarter? Can intelligence be increased? I’m not smart since I failed a few courses in uni. I studied for a Mass Com degree. I scored 120 IQ back in the 2nd grade.
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How do I poison my mother?

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I need help in mixing something which will be indetectible and poison my mum.
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the absolute cope of Gordy Kane

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why is Gordon Kane respected so widely in the string theory community, when he is wrong over and over and over in all of his "predictions"?

and no don't give me that nonsense about how he "predicted" the mass of the Higgs boson just a few days before the official announcement was made. larp.

anyhow this is post 1/2, check out the pic in next post
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favourite textbook thread

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math books preferred
mine is Advanced Calculus by Shlomo Sternberg
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decompile / expand maths ?

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I feel like I could understand some maths because I don't think i'm such a brainlet,
but I just don't know what some symbols that I read mean and that annoys me
In fact I just feel illiterate but for math symbols…

If I read the wiki page for logical implication
there are many symbols like :


I know the first one and the last one looks a bit similar but how the fuck am I supposed to guess the meaning of
a ? b if I have never been introduced to that symbol ?
by the way, p implies q is equivalent to not (p and not q) (using whatever retarded symbol you want)
so I don't even have to use arrow symbols

is there any tool that could expand these shitty symbols into expressions using a relatively small ensemble of symbols ?
or a tool that could just translate math to some real non retarded language like english, french, esperanto and not fucking elitist ancient greek bullshit
even just a math symbol to real language dictionary where the real language part does not contain shitty symbols would be great
because when formulas have some symbol I don't understand I'm quite fucked...

and this question probably applies to some words and not just symbols
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PSA: A list of basic facts

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>The Earth is round (oblate spheroids are round)
>The Moon landings are correct and incomplete descriptions of reality
>'The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence' is a correct and incomplete description of reality
>Newtonian Mechanics is a correct and incomplete description of reality
>Quantum Mechanics is a correct and incomplete description of reality
>Special and General Relativity are correct and incomplete descriptions of reality
>The Standard Model of particle physics is a correct and incomplete description of reality
>Big Bang cosmology (The Lambda-CDM model) is a correct and incomplete description of reality
>Darwinian evolution is a correct and incomplete description of reality
>Faster-than-light communication is impossible
>Perpetual motion machines, over-unity devices, energy-from-nothing generators, propulsionless drives and the like can not and will never work.
>Climate change is real, is happening right now, is a real threat and is mostly caused by humans
>Vaccines are correct and incomplete descriptions of reality
>"I don't understand this" or "this doesn't make sense to me" are not legitimate criticisms of established scientific theories. It only shows that you don't know what you're talking about
>Anyone claiming to have an alternative theory to established science should be able to explain why established science seems to give correct answers *and* be able to give a concrete prediction that can be checked by experiment, where it should outperform current scientific theory

For the know-it-alls who will undoubtedly start arguing about "correct and incomplete": By "correct" we mean that the theory correctly predicts the outcomes of experiments and does not differ appreciably from reality within the theory's domain of validity. "Incomplete" means that the theory's domain of validity does not encompass the entire universe. If you want to argue this, first read this popsci article >
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If mathematics is just whatever axiomatic system we're using at the time, what does it even mean for something to be "mathematically true"? Doesn't it all depend on the axioms we're choosing? What even is mathematics?
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How does little Singapore have two top 10 tech universities? Do they even invent stuff?
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