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>PhD candidate in chemistry
>come back home from California to visit family / friends with gf
>meet up with gfs friends to see their new house out in rural Wisconsin
>they show us around, it’s nice they have a bunch of amenities for being in their 20s, I compliment them on their house a lot
>he’s a “mechanical engineer” according to him. Actually he’s a mechanic that works as a technician at a machine shop. No college.
>we meet up again later and I tell them about the publications ive gotten recently
>” what are those for?”
>”...ok” (they still seem confused)
>tell them about my desire to live in a city in a nice condo
>”what the hell would you want to live there for?? No space anywhere and expensive too I like it nice and quiet is what I want and there’s so much people in the city I can’t imagine...”

Nice job making yourself look stupid as hell. I actually left my hometown to get educated and see the world while you continued to live in some hodunk countryside while your company abuses your body for manual labor (he had a workplace injury). Is this what it’s like to be poorly educated? Living a shit life and just talking down others to reaffirm yourself?
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>rub fingers together
>brown stuff appears
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How can I determine the molecular density of a solid? My goal is to ensure that two particles of different substances are a similar weight and size.
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mars power

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Reminder to all redditor spacebrainlets that solar power on mars is IMPOSSIBLE. Nuclear is the ONLY way and that's why NASA is working on it.

Calculations from this video confirm sunlight is reduced to 0.00002% in dust storms that last for months meaning your panels are absolutely fucking worthless and anyone relying on them will die a horrible death.

100kw/h power will be reduced to... 2 watts. Yikes.

Even square miles worth of solar panels won't produce enough power for few lights so good luck with those top lel.
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Grothendieck's Notebook

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Apparently Grothendieck is said to have written new results in his previously unpublished notebook. Mathematicians have said it would take some time to go through it and said it is hard to understand even with modern math.

Who here can read French and understand it?
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i studied Complex numbers today,
than i watched some star trek, its not voager but they trying hard. (discovery sucks tho)

anyway befor i call it a day it like to know how i calculate the arctan(x) without a calculator.
x € R
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Hey /sci/ brainlet here,
are the 3 axioms of a metric space really just axioms or can they be proven from within set theory or something?
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do birds learn to build nests or are they born knowing how to build nests?
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