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what's the evolutionary advantage of liking pizza?
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Book Recommendations?

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Any Biographies or books of a similar nature that you know of and would recommend? The subject matter ought to be related to Mathematics and/or the Sciences of course. pic related is an example of what I had in mind.
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Optimum Theory unified physics prove me wrong

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Optimum Theory unified physics prove me wrong. Don't know about Optimum Theory?
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Does science need nationalization?

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Since capitalism seems to be encouraging people to pump out useless research all the time because they need to keep their jobs while actual scientists have to apply for grants(literally charity).
IP laws=bad
Pay that reflects the fruit of labour=good
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Capturing Rogue Worlds?

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In the far future, if we wanted to capture a rogue planet, or even a small star, how would we do it?
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cognitive biases you're aware of

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>if someone is overweight/out of shape I immediately judge them for not valuing their body and health

>I assume all women are terrible drivers

>I sometimes don't wash my hands after urinating and then hypocritically criticize the thought of other people doing the same
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Would 200 year old wine still taste good? Asking for a friend.
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How do humans keep up with complexity of science?

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The amount of knowledge keeps doubling or tripling every few decades. We don't have the brainpower to keep up with this. Soon you'll require a PhD to understand only the basics of some of the technologies. Can we educate people for 30 years just to make them do simple things because technology went too far?
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are humans "great apes" ?

what do apes have in common?