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thank you based CO2 for greening our planet
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Sup /sci, give me some "You should be ale to solve this" Kurisu problems.
They're usually fun to attempt
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based Veronkia Hubeny

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So, after thinking about this over night, I’ve decided to share something that happened at the WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL yesterday afternoon in NYC that changed me. Or rather made me step into who I am in a larger way.

As some on my feed have seen, I was live-feeding the beginning of the panel discussion on FB. That panel was made up of some of the greatest and most famous minds in the world in Inflationary Cosmology, String Theory, Cosmology and Physics based Philosophy. The panel was made up of 5 men and 1 woman. And the moderator was a science writer and journalist for The New Yorker.

In the first hour of the panel discussion you can see clearly, if watching the video, that Veronika Hubeny, the only woman on the panel is barely given any opportunity to speak. And the Moderator, Jim Holt even acknowledges this.

In the last 20-30 minutes of the 90 minute discussion Jim Holt finally pushes the conversation to Hubeny’s field of expertise, string theory, and this is what ensued:

He asked her to describe her two theories of string theory that seem to contradict one another.

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You may not like him but can you dispute it?

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Cult of Bumping Particles btfo
>doesn't believe in the aether
go do some calculations, nerd.
>imagine believing there is such a thing as a wave in 2019
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Is the neural system of a crustacean/invertebrate capable of getting high off amphetamines? Would it give it an evolutionary advantage? What about other drugs

>tld I want to get my lobster high
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Could Salt be used as a fuel source?

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20000 years from now if the only skeletons available from this time period are Yao Ming and Danny DeVito will people from the future think they were different species?
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So how can we actually slow down the aging process fkin pubmed says only about avoiding the sun exposure to prevent the skin aging and a diet!
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What are some science forums other than /sci/ you go on? I feel /sci/ is too slow and do not want to ruin it by making threads too often.
>pic related mfw refreshing hundreds of times looking for an interesting thread
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These pictures are so funnni luuullll