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>tfw Homo sapiens are a brainlet human species
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Is engineering technology a good option for someone who likes technology but isn't into high level math?
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Why the fuck is statistics harder than math?
What the hell is this esoteric occult nonsense
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This somewhat simple exercise is up on /g/ right now. It seems to present some difficulty for the average /g/ user. I have slightly rewritten it and present it for your amusement, you should certainly be able to solve this.

suppose you have a number generator that has the discrete uniform distribution on {0,1}

1. describe an algorithm for a number generator with the discrete uniform distribution on {0,1,2,3,4,5,6}

2. repeat (1) but your algorithm must terminate, or prove no such algorithm exists
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Why does drug tolerance have to exist?
Why someone don't fucking invent a tolerance reverting pill or something already? Billions go into bullshit research, just invent something that will make drug abuse a sustainable lifestyle already, I just want to escape.
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More Moore's Laws Please

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>The year is 2083... due to Moore's Law, $1000 of computing power is now equivalent to a billion Earth's worth of human brains. Laptop-sized computers of today can perform the equivalent of all human thought over the last ten thousand years in less than ten microseconds. Technology is progressing so fast that – in order for people to comprehend it – neural upgrades have become necessary on a regular basis.

This is fake right?
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So let me get this straight..

If you watch it go down, the particle acts like matter where it distinctly makes bullethole type marks on the paper

But if you don't watch it, then it creates a wave like gradient?

So just by having human eyeballs on it, suddenly it decides to act like matter instead of wave?

How is this reconcile?
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What IQ do you need to do math? Is Terence Tao's statement that you don't have to be a genius a massive cope?
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>"On August 10, 1632, five men in flowing black robes convened in a somber Roman palazzo to pass judgment on a deceptively simple proposition: that a continuous line is composed of distinct and infinitely tiny parts. With the stroke of a pen the Jesuit fathers banned the doctrine of infinitesimals, announcing that it could never be taught or even mentioned. The concept was deemed dangerous and subversive, a threat to the belief that the world was an orderly place, governed by a strict and unchanging set of rules. If infinitesimals were ever accepted, the Jesuits feared, the entire world would be plunged into chaos"

Were the Jesuits right all along?
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is meditation a meme?
I know there's a lot of research on it, but I'm too dumb to differentiate between good and bad research.
I'd like to know how it affects creativity and anxiety
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