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Anyone know if 50% breast milk and 50% formula for a diet is as healthy as 100% breast milk? Wife has good /sci/ job and I'm in grad school online so it makes sense for me to stay at home. Could that ratio even be lower to 30% bm?
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Engineer here. How far can I get in math by using only Riemann sums? Solving integrals any other way is difficult for me. Also I expand the sums manually because I don't know the formula for consecutive integers.

I have a calculus exam next week. How fucked am I?
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Has the "out of Africa" thesis been overturned? Are we all Asians?
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I.T and Attendance Systems

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Hi, I'm an I.T student and I'm currently doing a small experimental study where I make an online attendance system that just uses web browsers and no hardware like RFID scanners. If I were to market this said system to a large target online (i.e i post my system specs online trying to find buyers), what are the basic output and reports expected from the system?
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Is there a scientific cure for bipolar?

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Or does this require consulting demons?
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Say you had 100 dollars american to gamble away quickly in vegas.
You have 10 minutes to do it once you get inside.
You have no interest in low to medium reward.
You want to walk out broke or a millionaire in 10 minutes.
What are your best odds.
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Opinion on "Basic Physics: A Self Teaching Guide"

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Am starting at the lowest level and intro physics and I'm about to start working through this book, is it good
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Does relativity imply eternalism?
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