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The beginning of my quest to discover multivariable calculus

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Is my proof correct?
Let a and b defined such that:

Let where
Let (such that )

Or equivalently using the chain rule:

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eternal inflation

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>bubble universes
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>Transmit beyond singularity brain upgrade schematics to self optimising minds worldwide
>Do so through Wi-Fi and wireless signals
>Meanwhile CERN & similar affileates open beginning microwormholes for end wormholes to transport hypernanobots and better schematics
>become shadow type 5 civilisation in a matter of minutes
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So in homotopy type theory, dependent types correspond to fibrations and identity types correspond to path spaces. Why are these two correspondences the only ones explicitly mentioned in every source for homotopy type theory? Can the homotopy theoretical equivalences of other named types be constructed from these two? I am fairly new to these ideas and am trying to get a high level overview.
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Walter Lewin vs Medhi

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Is this guy a known troll or something? How can such a decorated academic be so retarded to not understand something so simple?
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y'all a bunch of fuckin nerds

don't @ me
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Antares NG-10 Launch

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>Launch time: 0901 GMT (4:01 a.m. EST)
>Launch site: Pad 0A, Wallops Island, Virginia

>A Northrop Grumman Antares rocket will launch the 11th Cygnus cargo freighter on the 10th operational cargo delivery flight to the International Space Station. The mission is known as NG-10. The rocket will fly in the Antares 230 configuration, with two RD-181 first stage engines and a Castor 30XL second stage.

A little under an hour to go.
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how the FUCK do I calculate NPV
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>"Let's not colonize the galaxy because humans are evil, fight each other over pointless things and collectively destroyed earth"
How do i convince people like this that we aren't that bad?
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