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Kim ung-yong

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What do you guys think about kim ung-yong?
At 5 years of age he could do many things that a normal person would take years to learn.
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Is 5G really dangerous?
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/geo/ Geology

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Let's talk about earth!
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Climate change is fake. Prove me wrong.
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Would taking this course load be suicide?
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This is your true form
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Stats question

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Can someone kindly explain why datamining in the field of statistics is “bad”? Would you not want to check every feasible variable in a regression? My professor explained but I never quite understood it fully. Just watched an interview with the RenTech founder (algo trading firm) and he said his team used every possible variable to explain stock market returns to great success. My intuition is telling me that you might just get lucky with a particular data set that is in reality not explanatory, but shouldn’t one run more tests anyways? It seems like it should be a good way to find explanations that weren’t originally being considered. Ty
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What age are girls most attractive?

The data I can find is dating site studies which limits the sample age.

I remember (?) some penis probe study which said teenage girls are most attractive but cannot find it.
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My thesis sounds like it's written by a schizo. What can I do?

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I came back from my college supervisor who told me I write like a schizo and that, unless I fix all of my syntax/ grammar mistakes and broken sentences, he won't be able to correct and approve of my thesis.
What's a good way of getting through hundreds of poorly written sentences and missing words?
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