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why does like 90% of pseudoscience and "alternative health" shit seem to come from Facebook?
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Prednisone stopped hair falling out - autoimmune?

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So I shed hair pretty badly, it’s also bulbed at the root. All over my body. My hair has thinned significantly. I was on prednisone for 5 days for laryngitis and during that time I noticed that I shed significantly less hair. Now bloodwork, Ana etc, was negative but if prednisone helped with this type of hair loss doesn’t that mean I have some sort of autoimmune condition?
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How many chicken generations would it take to breed chickens to "de-evolve" to have arms with claws, long tail, and scales instead of feathers?
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Why is it all so pointless /sci/?
We'll find an unifying theory and then what?
It will tell us how the Universe behaves. It will never tell us what the fuck it is.
It won't change that we live and die without a fucking clue what it is about. This didn't change since we were cavemen despite technological progress.
We're all stuck asking ourself what, if anything, happens when we die. And no amount of science nor religion will solve that.
I know it sounds nihilistic as fuck, but I can't help myself.
There is no rule that says a Universe should exist at all. It's just that it does. And it makes no sense that there is one.
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How do you deal with the knowledge that you'll never be a genius and make significant, important contributions to your field, /sci/?
That there are people out there finishing their PhDs in their early twenties who'll then get tenure at 28 while you're just "good"?
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>tfw even going at light speed isn't nearly fast enough for interstellar travel
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First oldest periodic table of elements found
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god, what do you think they are experiencing right now?
i always see /x/ filled with completely deluded anons, how can they believe their own nonsense..
from a biological standpoint, wtf is wrong with their brains?
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Tingly feeling.

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Hey guys, I'm a Pre-Med student and really want to go to Medical School, even got really good scores on my MCAT. The only problem is: Every single time I think about anatomy or something inside of the human body I feel this cringy disgusting tingly sensetion that often gives me headaches or makes me nauseous. I get to neutralize it from time to time by telling myself that I'm a robot and they're just humans but it doesn´t always work. Tips and tricks?
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If there were no obstructions, you'd see the back of your own head.