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Based STEM books thread!
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The Strid

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Is there a way you could ever see what goes on down here? Do you reckon that perhaps anything could live down here? Why don't we?
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Alien Thought Experiments

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Ok the raid was fun and all but let's talk about the Greys. Assuming they're mammalian in nature, how would light gray skin like theirs arise and what evolutionary advantage would it provide? Mandrills can be blue and red because of the collagen in their dermis layer, but otherwise animal coloration for mammals is pretty limited.
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Nootropics with permanent positive effects?
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Jobs for Retarded Biology Majors

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Hey /sci/, I have recently come to the conclusion that I am retarded, lazy, and incompetent making me thoroughly unable to hold to real job or have any career. What options are available for someone in my position or should I just end it all?
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Woo woo aside, what's the functional difference between the left and right hemispheres? Read that clenching your hand increases neural activity in the contralateral motor cortex. Would that extra activity light up nearby brain regions as well?
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>muh limits
This is why /sci/ will never be able to comprehend truth
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Which major is the most based? Thinking of changing mine from Civil Engineering to some other shit.
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are entrepreneurs just mathematicians done right?

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because they sure are walking above their peers.
it doesn't make fucking sense, shouldn't it be the other way around?.
mathematicians overcompensate and earn a misery but entrepreneurs never had fucking problems before.
why are mathematicians so mediocre and lazy compared to entrepreneurs.
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What are all the different kinds of calculus? There are so many. Vector, tensor, differential, integral, stochastic, and variations.