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Mind uploads when?

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what is this a hopf fibration and is it important or just a meme?
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SOHO LASCO C3 Bright object left frame

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This is the current SOHO LASCO C3 image of our sun, what is the bright dot to the left of the sun with the line going through it?

Another star? A planet?
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>just memorizes positions and engine moves
>considered the greatest chess player of all time
This championship is pretty bad. Maybe Fischer was right, chess is dying. Is 960 the future?
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Calculating compression ratio

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So im building an engine and im having a hard time accepting the answers i get from these calculators people made different answers everywhere.
I made my own and it gives me a very different result.
This diagram should explain what im trying to do. Compression ratio = total volume divided be compressed volume

Engine specs are:
bore: 4.125 inches
Stroke: 3.4
Head gasket diameter/thickness: 4.155/0.030
Piston to wall gap:0.006
Height of piston to first ring: 1.090
Deck clearance:0.008
Dish in piston:22cc
Combustion chamber volume:58cc

My calculation got me 9.88:1
Hope you guys can help me verify this!
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I have Whooping Cough

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I've had a bad cough for over 2 months and just read online my symptoms, realizing it's whooping cough.

The free clinic is closed until Monday so i can't go in to get antibiotics.
What are some good ways to relieve my symptoms until i can get treatment.
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Is he really _that_ bad?
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science can't even solve morality issues, what a joke.
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Scientifically speaking, why are only primary Caucasoid countries successful? Why is it that every other primarily nonwhite country is a war torn shit hole with people trying leave?
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What happens if you're a civil engineer and you build a bridge and it breaks and people die.
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