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Lunar Eclipse

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Hey, Americas, get outside and look up.
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Why is everything grouped into groups of three?
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Would the soviets have been able to get the N1-L3 working if Korolyov didn't die as soon as he did?
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What are some good pop sci biology books?
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Genes and Sperm Cryopreservation

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A question about sperm and genes.

Will there be a difference between a child conceived with a sperm frozen 20 years ago and that same person using his sperm today?

To rephrase that, if i freeze my sperm today, wait twenty years, will the genetic material be the same or can i "awaken" a genetic disease that will affect my kids ( that would otherwise is silenced in the frozen sperm ).
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How can a lazy NEET like me turn to a studyholic? I'm working to self studying 2 hours a day minimum and its killing me already
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Would this be possible, and how beneficial would it be if we could do it?
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread - QTDDTOT -Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Post your stupid questions ITT or general questions that don't need a long thread to discuss them.

I'll go first,

What is the geometrical shape name of this mailbox/tunnel type of shape?
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Physics help

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A sprinter accelerates to his maximum speed in 4 seconds. He maintains this speed for the remainder of the 100m race, finishing with total time of 9.1sec. A. What is average acceleration during the first 4 seconds .... B. What is average acceleration during the last 5.1 seconds... C. What is average acceleration during the entire race.

Please help answer this problem, show work.
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On what to math

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How does /sci/ do their math/physics homework, problem sets on?
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