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Here's what: I suck at math. I really do. I am a law student who got into the university with a high ranking. I tell you that because it's the only reason I know I am not retarded. I got 9/10 in history, 10/10 in languages, and only 2/10 at the admission test.
Now, in a month, I'll be part of a selection to work in a major Court, and the fucking test has 15% of math questions and I am freaking out already. Is there ANY WAY you guys could help me to not suck too much at that part of the test?

Thanks, sorry for my bad english, and help please aaaaa

P.S.: I've tried khan academy before, but I'd have to dedicate the entirety of the 30 days to complete the whole thing.
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When did you realise that mathematical biology is the future of the life sciences?
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What's the evolutionary advantage of making what's the evolutionary advantage threads ? Are they just new IQ threads ?
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Starting a physics major first year in uni
Anything I should know?
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Python and Physics

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Hey all

What's the best way/resources to learn python in the context of doing physics research. For reference I know mathematica, R, and some very basic Java from back in highschool.

>Pic unrelated
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/mg/ - math general

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Previously: >>10795697

2^69 dimensional tic-tac-toe edition
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Is it possible to create a "solid cloud" or for one to naturally form? Could clouds ever be harvested as a resource? General clouds thread.
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is becoming a wagecuck or businessman a better choice than grad school?
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Is the thought you intend to inflict upon others, always the thought you inflict upon yourself?
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thank you based CO2 for greening our planet
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