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how's research going? how were finals?

come shitpost together with your fellow academicucks

what are you planning on doing after graduating? has it changed since you started?
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Human generations

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Can DNA show us how far a person is removed from a certain ancestor?

Let's say there are two families, A and B. In the A lineage, women usually had babies in a relatively young age, thus they produced more offsprings. In B family, women had their babies in an older age, so the recent generation has lesser ancestors.

1, Can DNA show us the difference of these two families?
2, What are the evolutionary advantages or disadvantages of birth rate / the number of generations?
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Can we design a quantitative sexual intelligence test to detect incels before they commit mass murder?
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Medfags, explain something - why has the recent guidance been to delay prostate DREs until age 50? It was 40 for a long time, and sometimes even earlier in previous decades. Were generations of doctors actually fingering men's assholes for no real medical purpose, or is 50 too late to start?
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The world's biggest problem

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Everyone on /sci/ needs to understand what psychopathy is and how bad it is for our world.
It's important to note that psychopathy is distinct from sociopathy/anti-social personality disorder, but is connected to them; psychopathy being the "greater" of the two.

>main info

>documentary about it and it's effects on society [Embed]

>psychopath traits
(pic related)
>Each of the 20 items in the PCL-R is scored on a three-point scale, with a rating of 0 if it does not apply at all, 1 if there is a partial match or mixed information, and 2 if there is a reasonably good match to the offender. This is said to be ideally done through a face-to-face interview together with supporting information on lifetime behavior (e.g. from case files), but is also done based only on file information. It can take up to three hours to collect and review the information.

>Out of a maximum score of 40, the cut-off for the label of psychopathy is 30 in the United States and 25 in the United Kingdom. A cut-off score of 25 is also sometimes used for research purposes.
People with no criminal backgrounds normally score around 5. Many non-psychopathic criminal offenders score around 22.

>It is believed to be genetic

somewhat related:

>why amygdalas matter
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How do we improve the American Education system, /sci/? While their Tertiary education remains top-tier throughout the world, their Primary and Secondary Educations is lackluster. How do we fix it? What are our options?
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>you fall into water
>its like concrete
>you die
>water falls on you
>you live
how is this possible?
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We can edit our babies now

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So will I be able to make my children demigods.?

Will I ever be able to edit myself, since we have crispr for 6 years and we can edit our childs, couldnt we do it to ourselves in the future
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What are the psychological benefits of LSD? Can it treat mental illness?
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