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Math and Stat fags, how can I start learning poker?
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Second Law of Thermodynamics BTFO by Plants

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Photosynthesis takes simple molecules and uses light to create more complex molecules. Plants clearly produce negative entropy.

If you can't prove there is no loss of entropy in this reaction, the second law of thermodynamics is completely BTFO.

The ultimate redpill is when you realize Life on Earth is a cosmic attempt to fight back against the forces of entropy.
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why we spend billions to explore and research space instead of our own planet?
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Oxygen is like wifi of the universe, it's what trees produce for the atmosphere.

I predict air is highly technological, and we can all connect our mind using air.
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Why did people ever think there was a Theory of Everything?
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>over 12 years old
>holding onto existence of aliens
/Sci/ does know aliens do not exist right? If life is formed by chance nature then there has been enough time for our solar system to teem with life. Yet even Earth has only one kind and only one "higher" species or animal.
Not even bacteria found. Aliens do not exist.
>"Muh" Kardashev scale
Grow up
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Anyone know if 50% breast milk and 50% formula for a diet is as healthy as 100% breast milk? Wife has good /sci/ job and I'm in grad school online so it makes sense for me to stay at home. Could that ratio even be lower to 30% bm?
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Engineer here. How far can I get in math by using only Riemann sums? Solving integrals any other way is difficult for me. Also I expand the sums manually because I don't know the formula for consecutive integers.

I have a calculus exam next week. How fucked am I?
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Has the "out of Africa" thesis been overturned? Are we all Asians?
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